2014 Star Wars: X-Wing Store Championship

The dust has settled and one person has been crowned king of the skies!

John Coviello dominated the competition and took 1st in the tournament, going home with the fantastic commemorative plaque.

His list, named "Vader's Own", was a 100 pt simulation of Vader's private escort.

His list in full:

  • Darth Vader
  • Howlrunner
  • Osidiant Squadron Pilot
  • Academy Pilot #1
  • Academy Pilot #2
  • Academy Pilot #3

There was fierce competition for second and third, with the standings coming down tiebreakers.

Ken Vanderpool eeked out second over John Boisvert and scored the super cool deck box.

The complete standings list:

1) John Coviello

2) Ken Vanderpool

3) John Boisvert

4) Zach Witham

5) Jasen Wood

6) Ant Carillo

7) Nick Bones

8) Richard Denton

9) Frank Hennessey





The first league for Netrunner wrapped up this week. Congratulations to our top finishers!

1st Jeremy Espinosa
2nd Eric Harris
3rd Travis Merkle

And Congratulations to our random prize winner: Matthew Topper!

Check out the complete final standings and prizes here

Thank you to everyone who participated in this league. Stay tuned for the upcoming league!!



"Runners think their thefts are clever. They think they can beat us at 'our game.' Such thoughts are foolish. We are not playing games. We are engineering a more efficient humanity. We are running a multi-billion credit industry, and we will defend our assets accordingly."
–Director Haas

In a world where corporations can scan the human mind and interface it directly with electronic data, more data moves every second than was ever processed in the first five-thousand years of written language. The network is omnipresent, the crux of modern human civilization, and while visionary corporations seek to secure their most valuable data on the network, the elite hackers known as netrunners seek to steal it.

Soon, you'll be able to take your game to the next level by participating in the Little Shop of Magic's Android: Netrunner Store Championship. We will be hosting this Store Championship on March 15th. It will be your chance to win some sweet custom prizes as well as run nets with some exceptional runners.

Sound like the thing for you? Check out the evnt here and register (the first 32 players get the promo card!). Not sounding like your kind of event? Maybe seeing the prizes below will change your mind.


What's Up For Grabs?

  • Champion: Store Championship plaque, custom deck box, and a first place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship
  • Runner-Up: Custom deck box
  • Top 4: Four exclusive Android: Netrunner "Top 4" playmats (shown in the image below)
  • Participation: Thirty-two full-bleed alternate art versions of Kati Jones.

“All Wings report in.”
    –Red Leader

The Little Shop of Magic is happy to announce the arrival of our first X-Wing Store Championship tournament!

Each game of X-Wing is full of non-stop action. Starfighters race through asteroid fields and past each other as they try to get the best possible shots against their foes. One wrong turn could spell disaster, so you’ve been assembling your squad and practicing your maneuvers. The fate of the galaxy is at stake!

On March 30th, you’ll be able to take your game to the next level by participating in our innagural X-Wing Store Championship. This prestigious, local tournament kicks off Fantasy Flight Games' 2014 tournament season. It's also your chance to win custom prizes and advance deeper into our Regional Championship tournament later in the year.

What Is a Store Championship?

Store Championships are a new premier tier of X-Wing Organized Play below the Regional Championship tournaments, and bigger than our standard monthly tournaments.

Our X-Wing Store Championship features the following exclusive prizes:

Champion: Store Championship plaque; card box for ship cards, upgrade cards, and tokens; first place certificate worth a first-round bye at one Regional Championship
Runner-Up: Card box
Top 4*: Four acrylic range rulers (not shown)
Participation: Thirty-two Ten Numb ship cards featuring movie still art.




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