After six week of escalting dogfights, the final results of our first X-Wing CIC League are in! The Aces and EXOs below earned top marks and walk away with the following awards and commendations:

  • Top Ace: John Boisvert
    • Limited Edition Star Wars: X-Wing Acrylic Range Ruler
    • Limited Edition X-Wing Champion Patch
    • $5 in Dragon's Dough
  • Top 4 Aces: John Boisvert, Peter Nikiper, John Rust, Ken Vanderpool
    • One Limited Edition Dart Vader, TIE Advanced/Luke Skywalker, X-Wing Pilot Card
    • $5 in Dragon's Dough
  • Top EXO: Brian Feaver
    • Limited Edition Star Wars: X-Wing Acrylic Range Ruler
    • Limited Edition X-Wing Champion Patch
    • $5 in Dragon's Dough
  • Top 4 EXOs: Brian Feaver, Aaron Ski, Michael Shinn, Anthony Carillo
    • One Limited Edition Dart Vader, TIE Advanced/Luke Skywalker, X-Wing Pilot Card
    • $5 in Dragon's Dough
  • All Pilots: John Boisvert, Brian Feaver, Peter Nikiper, John Rust, Ken Vanderpool, Aaron Ski, Michael Shinn, Anthony Carillo, Matthew Mito, John Coviello
    • Commemorative Black Squadron Pilot Card with alternate art (while supplies last)
  • Nerf Herder: Matthew Mito
    • One set of commemorative 2014 Season One Art Card Boxes (one Imperial and one Rebel)

The full standings can be found here

Congratulations to all our pilots: we look forward to flying with you in our next X-Wing Tournament!


The Longest Night is a widely celebrated holiday in the Iron Kingdoms consisting of festivals and revelries with people celebrating by dressing up like the dead, drinking, and lighting off fireworks amid loud music and dancing (we call it Halloween in our neck of the woods). Many believe this day and night to be a time of black magic and misfortune, but we think that it's a good excuse to spend the whole night playing some great games in our store!

Join us this Friday as we kick off our 20th Anniversary Celebration with an all-night Warmachine and Hordes game-a-thon: stay for as long as your last (or dare) and enjoy libations on the house! Full detailsls can be found on our Calendar of Events.

See you there!

Last month marked the Little Shop of Magic's 20th year in business and this month we're celebrating with a huge party on October 24th, 25th and 26th!

While we gear up for the festivities, we want you to get the party warmed up by sending us the kookiest, funniest and craziest video birthday wishes you can come up with (we'll take sexy too, so long as you know how to keep it PG-13). We'll reward your efforts by giving away $300 in Dragon's Dough cards to our most creative and entertaining fans.*

To participate in our 'Birthday Crits' contest, grab your cellphone, camera, webcam or any other handy video-recording device and film a short 'happy birthday' wish for the Little Shop of Magic. If you're good with animation, go for it! If you have lots of friends who are also our fans, get together and shoot a group video! And if you feel like you should be in Hollywood, then give us your best Robert De Niro! As we said before, we're looking for creativity, so just about anything goes!

We'll showcase them on our website and our social media channels, where the rest of the world can join in the fun by sharing and commenting. The creators of our top 4 favorite videos will be rewarded with a $50 Dragon's Dough card and 4 lucky fans chosen at random from those who share, like, +1, re-tweet or comment using the #ShopOfMagic20 hashtag will each receive a $25 Dragon's Dough card.

To send in your videos, please contact us for detailed instructions. Winners will be announced on our website on November 9th, 2014.*


*Minimum of 12 video submissions needed to launch promotion. Final day for video submission is Friday, October 31st.


Announcing the 2015 Core Set Standard League Winners!

Most people wouldn't dare to touch Garruk's axe, but those same people would tell you that it takes a person of unmeasurable power to wield the gargantuan weapon. Andrew Susin, Master of the Hamster Plane, has proved that he is worthy of claiming Garruk's axe, if he should meet the brute in battle. After a five week long campaign, Andrew dominated his competition, ending the league with a hefty 97 points. Sir Roger , Noble Knight of House Tyndall, came in second with valiant 67 points, but still was overshadowed by Andrew's impressive score. A swift congratulations to all of our participants and we hope to see you during our Khans of Tarkir sealed league.



Garruk’s Pack Master Challenge!

Do you think you have what it takes to master the wild and claim Garruk’s axe? The Pack Master Challenge is our way of rewarding our loyal Magic players and celebrates our upcoming 20th Anniversary! Compete against your buddies, earn Spark Points and potentially win epic prizes! The challenge starts September 5th and runs until October 25th. Anybody can participate in the challenge and the best part: it’s completely free! The full rules are listed below:

FMN Rules

One player will randomly be picked as the Pack Master for each tournament. If a player beats the current Pack Master, they become the Pack Master and take all of the Pack Master’s powers*. The player who is still the Pack Master at the end of the night will receive 15 Spark Points in addition to any prizes they might have accrued during the course of FNM**.

*Pack Master powers include and are not limited to: breathing, the ability to stop every third bullet, walking halfway through a wall, enjoying things, simulating levitation, blowing bubbles in milk, and changing liquid one degree above its current temperature.

**Spark Points are used as entries into the accompanying raffle

Extra Spark Points can be earned at FNM the following ways:

-                      Use your FNM Loyalty Stamp Card

-                      Wear a Magic the Gathering piece of clothing ( Underwear excluded)

-                      Go 0-4 during FNM ( Points for Epic Losses!)

-                      Act out your Planeswalker’s Ultimate with righteous bravado( LSoM Employees have to notice your epic acting prowess)

-                      Purchase $20 worth of Magic the Gathering product ( Sleeves do count towards this)

-                      Defeat the Pack Master and Howl

-                      Register for FNM by 5:40 PM

-                      Pay $5 for an arm’s length worth of tickets***

-                      Burn a Black Lotus

-                      Bring Ryan a Cookie.

***All money used to purchase raffle tickets during the Pack Master Challenge will be used for prizes for the raffle

League Rules

Our Upcoming Standard League will employ a similar system to our FNMs. Players will compete in a 5 week league, attempting to complete various challenges and earn league points. The twist is that the current points leader will be chosen to the the Pack Master. The Pack Master will be able to unlock special achievements only available to the Pack Master. Pack Master Achievements are worth not only League Points, but Spark Points as well.

Additional ways to earn Spark Points during the standard league:

-Purchase $20 Worth of Magic the Gathering Product (Sleeves do count towards this)

-Pay $5 for an arm’s length worth of tickets***

-Bring Brooke/Ryan a cookie

The Raffle will take place October 25th during our 20th Anniversary event. You do not need to be present to win, and the winner will be contacted by email after the raffle has concluded. Prizes for the raffle include: MTG Garruk Standee, MTG Garruk Nerd Axe, Playmats, deck boxes, T-Shirts, and more!