2015 Star Wars: X-Wing Store Championship Results

After five rounds of Swiss pairings and an intense top eight playoff, we have a new X-Wing store champion! Robert Flynn takes the mantle from 2014 store champion John Coviello and enters the annals of history as one of the top-ranked Las Vegas X-Wing pilots. While only one pilot can earn this high mark each year, recognition is due for the exemplary bravery and skill demonstrated by pilots on both sides of this galactic war. The Aces below earned top marks and walk away with the following awards and commendations (click on a pilot's name to check out his squadron roster):

2015 X-Wing Champions

  • Store Champion: Robert Flynn
    • Star Wars: X-Wing Store Championship Plaque
    • 1st Round Bye to the X-Wing Regional Championship
    • A set of acrylic focus tokens
    • 2015 X-Wing Store Championship dice bag
    • $30 in Dragon's Dough
    • Alternate art Soontir Fel pilot card
  • Runner-Up: John Boisvert
    • A set of acrylic focus tokens
    • 2015 X-Wing Store Championship dice bag
    • $20 in Dragon's Dough
    • Alternate art Soontir Fel pilot card
  • 3rd Place: Adam Brill
  • 4th Place: Gavin Istre
    • A set of acrylic focus tokens
    • 2015 X-Wing Store Championship dice bag
    • $15 in Dragon's Dough
    • Alternate art Soontir Fel pilot card


Thank you to everyone who attended and stay tuned to our Calendar of Events for even more exciting X-Wing events to appear soon!







Headline: Little Shop of Magic Attends Las Vegas Open, Shenanigans Ensue.

Last year Frontline Gaming turned the classic Flamingo landscape, into a gruesome scene of plastic mayhem and resin carnage. The convention--aptly titled The Las Vegas Open--showcased the very best that war-gaming had to offer with a sold out Warhammer 40K tournament, Streamroller Tournaments for Warmachine/Hordes and much more!  With the convention being an instant success, the boys behind the Las Vegas Open decided to paint the town red again and invited us down to the party!

For hours and hours our self directed mythical employees--read goblin slaves--scoured the tomes in a pitiful attempt to both learn to read and concoct a plan worthy enough of this convention. Finally, through sheer luck and otherworldly perseverance, the goblins emerged from the employee rest area--read dungeon-- with a fantastic plan: we were going to show up with enough pizazz, rhinestones and showgirls to field our own Broadway production.

Needless to say, we are currently looking for more goblin slaves.

So we decided to do the complete opposite of what the goblins proposed and have a good ole fashioned Flames of War tournament! Duke it out in a 1550 point,  Late War tournament designed to satiate the palette of any blood thirsty war gamer. Registration and more details can be found here.

Army not ready? That's okay too! We're going to have a booth and will be selling all manner of wargaming supplies and goodies! You'll also want to stop by the booth as we have some fantastic surprises--think prizes and goodies--that will be waiting for you!

Ok ok, you're probably wondering: "What are the prizes?! Stop being so vague handsome narrator person!" How does a Convention Badge for next year sound? Or product from Hawk Wargames? Or fantastic bits from Kromlech or Mechanical Warhorse? Or some Dragon Bits from our store? We've got all that and more for anybody that particpates in our scavenger hunt! Stop on by during the show to find out more details!

It should be a fantastic show! So come on down, play some games and say hello to your local gaming wizards!




Bring your Christmas stocking to our store on Saturday December 20th or Sunday December 21st and stuff it full of goodies from our shelves: we'll ring up everything you manage to cram into it at 15% off MSRP!

Stockings will also be available for purchase in-store during those two days (just in case you forget yours on the mantle).

Sock Block Banner

Are you tired of getting reindeer sweaters, rock-solid fruitcakes, tacky ties, or worst of all, SOCKS! as holiday presents? Ever wish you could send a personal shopper to the North Pole to ensure you get just want you really want?

Well . . . . .ADD A LITTLE MAGIC TO YOUR HOLIDAYS!!!!!!Sock BLock Lights

Once again Little Shop of Magic is here - on our continuing mission to prevent the devastating receiving of socks and to help you get what you most want. While we have no elves (our store is happy to abide by S.P.E.W. guidelines), our helpful Wizards were still able to concoct the perfect enchantment to lend Santa (errrr family and friends) a hand.

All you have to do is complete a Wish List Gift Registry the next time you're in our store and we'll take care of the rest! (You can also create a Wish List Gift Registry by phone or email)

We'll maintain a detailed list to ensure you get what you want, as well as avoid duplicate presents. We'll help your loved ones navigate our store to find your presents. We can even send your Wish List Gift Registry to loved ones (if desired).

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the store today and create your very own wish list: it's the difference between the ultimate gaming holiday or another drawer full of socks! Don't get stuck with lame gifts this holiday seasons.

Sock Block GuideCan't make it into the store or want to make quick additions to your Wish List Gift Registry, give us a call (702-307-6127) or email.

Still not sure what to get: Gift Cards are also available! Plus, this year we're introducing Dragon Bit Coins - ask a Wizard for more details.


And don't forget, our Mail Order Goblins are on hand to help with your holiday shipping needs too. We ship worldwide; big or small we can handle the boxing and shipping for you.


(Note from the Sorceress: Socks are awesome! And I take no part in the sock-hate.)

As a part of our ongoing holiday traditions, the Little Shop of Magic is happy to once again partner with the United States Marine Corps in the annual Toys for Tots toy drive.

From December 2nd to December 10th, our Wizards will donate a new toy to the Toys for Tots Foundation for each $100 transaction (or more) that our customers complete in our store.

If you're not planning on spending $100 on your toys this year, but you would still like to help, we will also be accepting donations of new, unwrapped toys at our brick-and-mortar location during those dates.

On behalf of our Wizards and the Marine Corps, thanks in advance for your generosity and Happy Holidays.