Need some time out of the house? Want to try something completely different? Something that manages to mix together Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian Horror & a touch of the Wild West?

Then stop by and check our our Malifaux Game Day today at 5:00pm - details on our calendar of events.

Flames of War
A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden

It’s time to start getting warmed up for this summer’s Firestorm: Market Garden campaign!

Join us in our store as we host a special 3-day event featuring 3 different scenarios designed to represent the battles of Operation Market Garden.

Full event details are posted our our website’s calendar of events:

Episode I
Episode II
Episode III

Get your Jacks together and prepare for the first official live Grind league with regular video updates, fresh in-game content to spice up the action, and fan submitted highlights from the national store leagues (including Privateer Press's staff league). XGL Live will run from March 15-28th and will feature exclusive prize support from Privateer Press!

For details on league registration, prize support, and the XGL contests, visit our official XGL Live forum here.


Celebrate the launch of GW's newest Warhammer 40K rules supplement with our Battle Missions League!

Details are posted on our website's league forums.

In January, the Little Shop of Magic launched the Transfiguration Painting League with the Trygon Painting Challenge.

We are happy to announce the winner of the first ever Transfiguration Trophy, along with showcasing the efforts of the worthy runner-ups of the competition.