If you love Magic, the Gathering, you won't want to miss this!

http://www.shopofmagic.com/News/04-10/WotCLogo.gifWizards of the Coast Brand Manager, Mark Purvis, informed us last week that our store was selected by Wizards of the Coast for a special 'surprise' event.

While Mark was not at liberty to disclose the exact nature of the event, he did state that 'it will be cool' and that our Magic players will 'really want to be there'.

We've also been informed that representatives from the MtG Research & Development team Mark Purviswill be in our store to manage the event and chat with fans during our regularly scheduled FNM tournament.

Some of our patrons and staff are speculating that this event is connect to the recent in-store visit by Wizard's president and by the company's Vice-president of Sales during the GAMA Trade Show week.

Regardless of the exact reasons why our store was chosen, we are ecstatic to be in a position to assist Wizards in bringing this event to our local gaming community: we look forward to seeing our loyal Magic players this weekend and thank Wizards of the Coast for the honor bestowed upon us.