Celebrate the release of Player’s Handbook 3 with a day of adventure! Psionic characters, skill powers, and hybrid classes abound in this essential rulebook. Test out the new classes and rules as you play a unique adventure and grab a copy of Player’s Handbook 3 while you’re here.

03/20/10 - Worldwide D&D Game Day: Player's Handbook 3

Player and DM registrations are now open: simply shoot us an email with your preferred session and whether you wish to DM or play, we'll take care of the rest!


W-hour set for Monday, February 15th

For the next 40 days, the Little Shop of Magic will host a Firestorm: Warsaw campaign for the Flames of War miniature wargaming system.

Just like our previous event, Operation Bagration, our Firestorm campaigns will offer you the easiest way to get into Flames of War:

  • No entry fees!
  • Plenty of prizes!
  • Loaner armies available!
  • No painting requirements!
  • Any size force can play!
  • No time commitments!
  • All nationalities allowed!
  • No more excuses!

Check out our official campaign FORUM for full details and start playing today!

Join us for a two-headed Warhammer special event on February 27th, 2010.

First, learn how to convert your Warhammer Giant or Chaos Spawn with tips from the experts in our Conversion Workshop.

Then take those newly converted models, add 2,500 points of your favorite army and jump into our Giant Warhammer Game!

Come out for a day-long 40K Planetstrike Campaign!

Each player will play three games against three different opponents. At the end of the day the fate of the planet will be decided. One side will have capitulated and lost their claim to the planetside resources while the other will reap the benefits and the bragging rights!

Full details on our calendar of events.

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