Get your Jacks together and prepare for the first official live Grind league with regular video updates, fresh in-game content to spice up the action, and fan submitted highlights from the national store leagues (including Privateer Press's staff league). XGL Live will run from March 15-28th and will feature exclusive prize support from Privateer Press!

For details on league registration, prize support, and the XGL contests, visit our official XGL Live forum here.


Celebrate the launch of GW's newest Warhammer 40K rules supplement with our Battle Missions League!

Details are posted on our website's league forums.

In January, the Little Shop of Magic launched the Transfiguration Painting League with the Trygon Painting Challenge.

We are happy to announce the winner of the first ever Transfiguration Trophy, along with showcasing the efforts of the worthy runner-ups of the competition.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Tournament of Kings

Starting in March, we will be running a 3-part Warhammer Tournament that will take place over the course of three months. You may play up to one game a month on the following weekends to participate:

* Round 1 - March 27th or 28th
* Round 2 - April 10th or 11th
* Round 3 - May 1st or 2nd

Bring in 2,500 points of your favorite Warhammer Army and play a single game of Warhammer against an opponent of your choice.

Full details for the event can be found on our website’s calendar of events.

Hope to see you there!

Bring your favorite faction to the WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II Resurgence event and take to the battlefield as armies grow and evolve heading into a final confrontation. Defeat all who stand before you to be named the Resurgence Champion. Or defend the honor of your faction to be gain a tournament coin for Cygnaran loyalty, Protectorate zeal, Khadoran discipline, Cryxian destruction, Retribution determination, or Mercenary wealth.

Full event details on our calendar of events!