Join us this Saturday as we celebrate the release of GW's newest codex with a colossal battle between the Blood Angels and their formidable Chaos adversaries!

Show off your painting skills, hang out with your friends, roll some dice and have a great time. Details are posted on our calendar of events.

The new Blood Angels miniatures are here: please help my associates save their backs by purchasing the new miniatures before I make them stock the shelves. :)

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The next advancement in WARMACHINE and HORDES leagues is mobilizing for action April 5th! The Shattered Grounds league throws players into the trenches of the Iron Kingdoms with a wholly immersive experience as they fight for the glory of their faction.

While the Shattered Grounds League shares a few similarities with its predecessor, Call to Arms, this new league has been completely reinvented to offer an amazing new experience unlike any WARMACHINE/HORDES league you have ever participated in.

Each Shattered Grounds season focuses on conflicts within specific areas of the Iron Kingdoms that players worldwide will battle to control. Players will still vie for dominance in our store, but every game played contributes to the success of their faction on the global map.


The Shattered Grounds league map will be updated daily as factions war for control over vital strategic points,

preparing for the earth-shattering climax of the three-week league. Control of certain map sections provides global bonuses to the controlling faction, so expect particular zones to be a hotbed of activity depending on their strategic importance to the various WARMACHINE and HORDES forces.

The first season, Nightfall, takes place in the Nightmare Empire of Cryx as the nations of the Iron Kingdoms fight for control of the Scharde Islands: check out the official League rules in our forums.

Need some time out of the house? Want to try something completely different? Something that manages to mix together Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian Horror & a touch of the Wild West?

Then stop by and check our our Malifaux Game Day today at 5:00pm - details on our calendar of events.

Flames of War
A Bridge Too Far: Operation Market Garden

It’s time to start getting warmed up for this summer’s Firestorm: Market Garden campaign!

Join us in our store as we host a special 3-day event featuring 3 different scenarios designed to represent the battles of Operation Market Garden.

Full event details are posted our our website’s calendar of events:

Episode I
Episode II
Episode III