Radio HorseThank you everyone that came out to our first Living History Day!! Watch for pictures and videos to be posted over the next couple of days.

Today's Winners for the 'Road to Berlin' Drawing:

Battle Map: Breakthrough to Gembloux for Memoir '44 from Days of Wonder - Ron Teleucky

The Vectors, Campaign Expansion for Memoir '44 from Days of Wonder - Ted Pawlowski, Aaron Christensen, Jason Coffey

Panzer General Allied Assault from Petroglyph - Aaron Christensen

Congratulations Guys!

There are more prizes to come! So keep collecting stamps on your MissionMaps for more chances to win.  Don't have a MissionMap? Stop the store to pick up one and find out more about how to win. what special deals we have in store for you during our WWII Living History Day? Click on the 'Read More' link below for an early sneak peak!

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D&D Encounters Season One: Undermountain

The first season of the new D&D Encounters mini-campaigns has come to a close and what a smashing debut it has been! 22 intrepid adventurers braved the perils of Undermountain and came up striking gold with Delver, Explorer and Adventurer rewards.

Each one of these rewards grants the wielder unique in-game benefits and are available exclusively to players who achieve enough Renown Points during the campaign.  Click the 'Read more' link to find out who got to take home the loot!

If you're interested in playing in the Dark Sun season, which starts next week, then log in and sign up for your preferred session here.

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A ready-to-use adventure location for any D&D campaign.

Need an exciting adventure location for your heroes to explore? Look no further.

Vor Rukoth presents a fully detailed, ready-to-use fortress ruin, complete with secret locations, maps, adventure hooks, monster and NPC statistics, ready-to-play encounters, and a full-color, double-sided battle map. The book is perfect for Dungeon Masters looking for a mysterious adventure location that fits instantly and easily into their existing D&D campaigns.

Once a stronghold of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath, Vor Rukoth has fallen into ruin and become a haven for monsters. Within its vaults, the treasures and mysteries of Bael Turath wait to be unearthed! In addition to an adventure location, Vor Rukoth holds many hours of excitement and adventure.

A standalone D&D adventure for 4th-level characters.

Stonefang Pass wends its way through the mountains of the Stonemarch, home to brutal tribes of orcs. The time has come to clear the pass and gain a foothold, so that it can be used for trade between the town of Winterhaven and the lands beyond the mountains. Brave adventurers are needed to rid the pass of monsters and liberate Stonefang Keep from the orcs. Who’s up for the challenge?

This standalone D&D adventure is designed for 4th-level characters and can be easily inserted into any D&D campaign.


4E: Tomb of Horrors

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4E: Demonomicon

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The deadliest dungeon in the D&D world returns!

For generations, the Tomb of Horrors has held an inescapable allure. It draws adventurers to it like a beacon then devours them utterly like some monstrous predator. Within its sepulchral, trap-ridden halls and chambers lay the secrets and treasures of the demilich Acererak and, some say, the demilich himself.

Tomb of Horrors features a modular design that allows Dungeon Masters to build campaigns around the events herein, or pick and choose from the various chapters for use as standalone adventures. It presents a variety of challenges, from intricate combat encounters to traps and tricks evocative of the classic Tomb of Horrors adventure.

This D&D adventure is designed for characters of 10th–22nd level and includes a full-color, double-sided battle map designed for use with D&D Miniatures.

Demons and demon lords for your D&D campaign.

Unleash the hordes of the Abyss!

Demonomicon presents the definitive treatise on demons and their masters, the demon lords. Whether you’re looking to introduce demons into your D&D campaign or plunge your heroes into the heart of the Abyss, this book has something for you!

More than just a maelstrom of chaos and corruption, the Abyss is an exciting D&D adventure locale for paragon- and epic-level heroes to explore. Within its many layers lurk powerful demon lords and fiendish hordes eager to be unleashed upon unsuspecting worlds. This tome brings demons into the world of D&D, updates classic demons to 4th Edition, provides statistics for various demon lords, and introduces dozens of new horrors from the abyssal depths. It gives Dungeon Masters ready-to-use encounters and mechanics to make demons exciting elements in their home campaigns.

Living History Day: World War II

June, 2010 marks the 66th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy, France. To honor and remember those who fought valiantly during the Second World War, the Little Shop of Magic is hosting the first in our series of ‘Living History Days’ which combine multiple passions for history, including re-enacting, memorabilia collecting, wargaming and academical studies into one singularly spectacular event.

On June 5th, several guests of honor will help us bring you an event that will ignite your passion for history: click the 'Read more' link below for a brief highlight of what you can expect to see during our first Living History Day.