Join us as we host our second annual Orkapalooza: the largest Waagh! in Vegas history!

This time around, we're looking to break the previous record of 35,000 points and, just like last time, we'll be featuring an Ork banner contest. One lucky designer will walk away with a 40K Battleforce to call his own, while contest voters will be entered in a drawing for a $50 Games Workshop boxed set!

It all happens this coming weekend, right here in your favorite store: check our Calendar of Events for exact times.

Mr. Jeffrey Van Doren - Winner of last year's Banner Design Contest.'re happy to announce that the Little Shop of Magic was featured in this month's issue of Wargames Illustrated.

Feel free to pick up a copy if you want to read a bit more about our business and peruse all the useful wargaming articles you'll find between its covers.

The Little Shop of Magic is proud to host the worldwide release party for Monomer Game’s new zombie horror-survival game Zombies A Go-Go.

Zombie A-Go-Go is a 28mm, rules-light miniatures game, designed to be cooperative rather than competitive. In Zombie A-Go-Go, players and their Heroes try to survive zombie attacks by banding together against the undead hordes.  It is quick to learn and fast to play.

The launch party will feature tons of demos, several themed games, a miniatures showcase and, of course, sales of the brand-spanking new Zombies A Go-Go rulebook, each one personally autographed by both authors!

If you live too far away, but would still like to give Zombie A-Go-Go a try, you can order it directly from our online store. The authors will be available for Q&A sessions through our website’s live customer support during the event.

The Little Shop of Magic is also distributing Zombie A-Go-Go to trade partners: if you are a retail store owner who is interested in carrying this book, we invite you to contact us for more information. Little Shop of Magic is once again partnering with Alderac Entertainment Group to bring you another exciting Game Day. This month, we are featuring 'The Infinite City' tile game. We're, also, excited to inform you that we will be handing out Junkyard and Guild Hall promotional tiles during the event: the only other time these were available was at the game preview in Essen!

Infinite City is a stand alone tile game where players become the leaders of corporations building an ever-sprawling city. Check out the entertaining review by Board to Death TV below and click on Calendar of Events for more information on the next AEG Game Day.

The Little Shop of Magic is once again partnering with Alderac Entertainment Group to bring you another exciting Game Day. This month, we are featuring the family card game 'Straw'.

Will you be the one who breaks the Camel’s back?

It’s been a bountiful day at the bazaar. The caravan is leaving, and you must quickly pack your items onto the back of the Camel. But beware; even beasts of burden have their breaking point! Straw is a light-hearted family game where the players try to pack as many item cards as they can on top of the Camel without breaking its back. Be careful not to load the Camel too close to its limit, though. If your card breaks the Camel’s back, you lose! But if you can break the Camel’s back with the Straw card, you win!

Check out the Evants Calendar for more information.