Little Shop of Magic is happy to announce the winners of our Scars of Mirrodin Game Day!

1st Place: Simeon Salzman
2nd Place
: Richie Whitmore
3rd Place
: Cory Engel
4th Place
: Kenny Thomas
5th Place
: Brandon Smith
6th Place
: Robert Cooper
7th Place
: Noel Loya
8th Place: Quinn Myers

These skilled Planeswalkers bested 32 other opponents and earned their spot in the annals of Magic history.

Check out their decks, examine each card in detail and draw sample hands from their decks on Wizard of the Coast's official website:

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Mondays: EDH League
Fridays: FNM - Standard & Draft every week with 2HG on 5th Fridays
Saturdays: Alternating Draft and Standard with Junkyard tournaments on the 1st Saturday of each month
January 8th: GP Trial Atlanta
January 28th & 29th: Mirrodin Besieged Pre-release
February 4th: Mirrodin Besieged street date
February 5th: Mirrodin Besieged Launch Party return of the dreaded Dark Eldar is right around the corner! To celebrate their long awaited relaunch, we're having a special sale and kicking off a 2-day campaign featuring the new codex and miniatures.

In this event, players will fight three battles using their existing armies and units from the new Dark Eldar miniatures boxes. Players will be rewarded for assembling their new miniatures, painting them and winning battles during the two campaign days.

Here's some highlights of the event:

Speed Building Challenge: Players have two hours to assemble as many pieces as possible from their newly purchased Dark Eldar sets. These units can then be added to the player's existing 1,000 pt. army (of any faction) to bolster its total strength. Speed building kicks off at 4pm on Saturday, November 6th.

Painting Challenge: NEW Dark Eldar units that are painted receive extra victory points during campaign play. Industrious players have a chance to add fresh coats of paint to miniatures assembled in the Saturday Speed Building Challenge and reap benefits while fielding them in the following Saturday's battles.

Campaign Battles: Players will compete in a total of 3 themed battles, using the schedule outlined in our Calendar of Events.

Launch Date Sale: Plenty of awesome deals, but you'll have to come in on November 6th to find out what they are!

Dark Eldar Release Schedule

November 6th

  • Codex: Dark Eldar (English)
  • Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors
  • Dark Eldar Raider
  • Dark Eldar Wyches
  • Dark Eldar Incubi
  • Dark Eldar Archon
  • Lelith Hesperax
  • Dark Eldar Reavers

November 20th

  • Dark Eldar Hellions
  • Dark Eldar Ravager
  • Dark Eldar Mandrakes
  • Urien Rakarth

Now accepting in-store pre-orders - Coming in December


Save Doctor Lucky (Deluxe Ed.)

$29.99 MSRP

April 14, 1912.
A cold night in the Atlantic.
An errant iceberg, a titanic cruise ship, and one very lucky old man.

Doctor Lucky is a charismatic and well-respected philanthropist with a heart of gold. Of course, you secretly hate the old bastard, and you’re probably going to try to kill him someday. But killing him aboard a sinking ship would be pointless. So you’ve decided to save his life instead, and do it while someone else is looking. That way, even if you go down with the ship, you’ll at least go down in history.

And isn’t that what life is all about?

In Save Doctor Lucky, players are passengers on a sinking ship. You have one goal: to save Doctor Lucky’s life while someone else is watching. Players rush from deck to deck trying to find items that will aid them, and trying not to see anyone else who might play the hero. But as the ship sinks, the board grows smaller, bringing Doctor Lucky and the passengers together into the few remaining decks.

Save Doctor Lucky includes:

  • A four-part game board
  • A deck of 90 card
  • A rule book
  • Pawns and stands for seven players and Doctor Lucky

Save Doctor Lucky is the standalone prequel to Kill Doctor Lucky, also available from Paizo Publishing.


Dust Tactics, the hybrid miniatures/board game from Fantasy Flight and Dust Games, is finally here! To celebrate and to get ready for our upcoming Dust Game Nights, we've set up a series of demo days: learn how to play the game (in 15 minutes or less!), get the details on new expansions and enter our FREE Dust Tactics Raffle!

One lucky demo participant will take home one of the last limited-edition "LOTH" Panzer KampFlaufer II-E models left in existence. These models were originally handed out as a special promotional item during GTS 2010 and are becoming increasingly harder hard to find!

Check out our Calendar of Events to find the Demo Day that best fits your schedule and come visit us to learn Dust Tactics!

We're proud to announce that Wizards of the Coast has selected our store for yet another outstanding promotion: top players from our Scars of Mirrodin Game Day will be featured on Wizard's official site,!

The top 8 Standard decks and sideboards from our event will be published on the site, along with the top two decks and sideboards for each faction.

Please see our Calendar of Events for tournament details.