The Captain is Dead

It’s the last 10 minutes of your favorite sci-fi TV show…
Except that this time things have gone seriously wrong and The Captain Is Dead!

The Captain is Dead is a frantic and fun cooperative board game that puts you and your friends in the role of crew members on a besieged starship.

Our friends at Alderac Entertainment Group were kind enough to provide us with an early copy of this highly anticipated game, so that you can try it before anyone else!

Stop by the store on International Tabletop Day (April 29th) to play in a demo or watch our First Play of the game LIVE on YouTube on April 23 at 11 AM PST.

Tabletop Day Logo 2017

Now in its fifth year, International Tabletop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming: a single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun.

Our wizards will be hosting several games throughout the day, showcasing the best the industry has to offer. Whether you're passionate about board games, like Ticket to Ride, or you're looking to unleash your imagination in a game of Dungeons & Dragons, we'll have the perfect game ready for you to play.

This year we've teamed up with Extra Life and joined the Geek and Sundry team to help raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network: please help us support this worthy cause by donating what you can on our team page.


Whether you decide to spend the whole day with us, or just drop in for a 10 minute game, we look forward to rolling some dice with you! However, if you live too far away or simply can't get away for a spell, you can still join the action by following the exploits of our Wizards and the First Play team on our YouTube channel: we'll be streaming games live during the entire event! (and remember to like and subscribe: our subscribers are entered to win a free game every month!)

As a thank you, we are offering a 20% discount off MSRP on all TableTop-featured games and their expansions, as well as complimentary day's rental from our wide-ranging board game library! Purchases of $100 or more include a free 'Big Whale' grab-bag chock full of goodies like a free game (yes, a free, fully fledged game, not an expansion), a Dragon's Dough card (ranging between $5 and $50 in value), and much more!

Take part in our Promotional Game Raffle to earn chances for an assortment of amazing prizes. Share a picture of yourself on the Throne of Games (It’s BACK and here to stay!), bring a friend, play some games: there are lots of ways to earn your raffle tickets! Be sure to stop in to learn them all.

For a more information on our ITTD events, see the 'Events' section of our website, check out our live stream of the event on YouTube or ask one of our Wizards for assistance. Until then (April 29th), play more games!

Showcasing some of the brightest talent, our newly launched galleria features incredible works from local artists who happen to share one common trait: they're all geeks at heart,  just like us!

Stop by the shop today to check out their masterpieces: every print and original piece of art is framed and ready for that special spot on your walls. Our galleria artwork rotates on a regular basis and we're always looking for something new to display: if you're talented or you know someone who is, please reach out to our Wizards for consideration.

Artists currently on exhibit in the Geek Galleria include:


op 2016 regional champ may track preview

The turbolasers have silenced, the targetting computers have been switched off, and Porkins has failed to pull up. Our Regional Qualifier events for Star Wars Armada and Star Wars X-Wing have come and gone and we could not be happier with how they went. For those of you who played in one or both events, we would like to thank you for helping to make them a success. It took a lot of work to put these events on and we're thrilled that it turned out to be worth it. We hope everyone had a good time and we hope to see everyone again for the next round of regionals (assuming we get them again).

While we're at it, we would like to congratulate the winners of each event. So congratulations to Jarret Beckoff for winning the Armada event and Keith Graves for winning the X-Wing event. In case you were curious, the top standings for each event are listed below, along with the squadron lists for the X-Wing finalists.


  1. Jarret Beckoff
  2. Doug Saunders
  3. Timothy Morris
  4. Bryan Standing


  1. Keith Graves
  2. Jill McGlinchey
  3. Adam Borchert
  4. Alex Zoukas  
  5. Dallas Parker
  6. David Wong
  7. Alex Vayhinger
  8. Christopher Little
  9. Adam Akers
  10. Shaun Pechin
  11. Travis Hailstone
  12. Ryan Farmer
  13. James Tomassoni
  14. Daniel Cothren
  15. William Wadden
  16. Johnathan Grasser

Lastly, if you missed out on the action, fear not! You can check out the top tables for both events over on our YouTube page. They are in two playlist to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

Armada Live Stream Playlist

X-Wing Live Stream Playlist

Every Sunday, our Wizards reveal a new deal, designed to save you money, while delivering a good dose of fun.

Today, we feature Blood Bowl, the classic game of fantasy football!

Blood Bowl

A combination of strategy, tactics, and absolute mindless violence, Blood Bowl is the classic game of fantasy football. 2 players act as coaches, selecting their teams from rosters of Human and Orcs and taking to the playing field to earn fame, fortune and the adulation of fans along the way!

Blood Bowl is available today at 30% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price, with free shipping within the Continental United States.
Due to Games Workshop's internet sales policy, we are unable to offer this item in our online store. To receive this offer, give us a call at (702) 307-6127, use our website's live customer support feature or simply stop by our store and mention the Sunday Deal to one of our Wizards: we'll take care of the rest.