op 2016 regional champ may track preview

The turbolasers have silenced, the targetting computers have been switched off, and Porkins has failed to pull up. Our Regional Qualifier events for Star Wars Armada and Star Wars X-Wing have come and gone and we could not be happier with how they went. For those of you who played in one or both events, we would like to thank you for helping to make them a success. It took a lot of work to put these events on and we're thrilled that it turned out to be worth it. We hope everyone had a good time and we hope to see everyone again for the next round of regionals (assuming we get them again).

While we're at it, we would like to congratulate the winners of each event. So congratulations to Jarret Beckoff for winning the Armada event and Keith Graves for winning the X-Wing event. In case you were curious, the top standings for each event are listed below, along with the squadron lists for the X-Wing finalists.


  1. Jarret Beckoff
  2. Doug Saunders
  3. Timothy Morris
  4. Bryan Standing


  1. Keith Graves
  2. Jill McGlinchey
  3. Adam Borchert
  4. Alex Zoukas  
  5. Dallas Parker
  6. David Wong
  7. Alex Vayhinger
  8. Christopher Little
  9. Adam Akers
  10. Shaun Pechin
  11. Travis Hailstone
  12. Ryan Farmer
  13. James Tomassoni
  14. Daniel Cothren
  15. William Wadden
  16. Johnathan Grasser

Lastly, if you missed out on the action, fear not! You can check out the top tables for both events over on our YouTube page. They are in two playlist to make it easy for you to find what you're looking for.

Armada Live Stream Playlist

X-Wing Live Stream Playlist