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star destroyerThe Little Shop of Magic is pleased to announce that we will be hosting both Star Wars Armada and Star Wars X-Wing Regional Championships in February 2017. This will be the first time the Little Shop of Magic has ever hosted an Armada regional and the first time we have hosted an X-Wing regional since 2013. This will also be the first X-Wing regional for the Las Vegas area since 2013.

So what's so important about a regional championship? Well, first of all, they are chance to play in a large event with people from outside Las Vegas without

having to travel yourself. Hang out with a bunch of people who share an interest in X-Wing or Armada as well as in Star Wars in general. There are also cool prizes available (yet to be announced by Fantasy Flight Games) such as limited edition dice, promo cards, and trophies. But what might be most signifcant to most people is the opportunity to win a first-round bye at a national championship event. This gives the player a major advantage when playing at the next level event and puts them that much closer to becoming a world champion.

Does playing in a regional for Armada or X-Wing interest you? Click the links below to go to our events calendar where you can get more information about the events as well as sign up (space is limited, sign up now to guarantee your spot at these events).

Star Wars Armada Regional, February 11th, 2017

Star Wars X-Wing Regional, February 25th, 2017

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