Title warhammer 40k

This spring, Little Shop of Magic will be hosting a series of special events to highlight the variety of vehicles of war in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Tank shock will give players a mix of event types so players of all types can find something they want to do.

Tank Shock will consist of a series of weekly hobby and organized play events, leading up to two main events - Parade Day & Mechanised Strike. Leading up to Parade Day, players will declare a number of unassembled Warhammer 40,000 miniatures as their ongoing project. Each player must have at least one vehicle (or large creature for those playing the Tyranids) included in their project. All other aspects of the player’s project are at their discretion, though our wizards recommend one squad of infantry in addition to their vehicle. On Parade Day, players will put their projects on display, where our wizards, customers, and friends will select a project they feel is the best looking force.

During out Mechanised Strike event, players will display their dominance on the field of battle. The winners of their events not only gets bragging rights, but will receive an embossed certificate declaring their victory, as well as a set of vehicle tokens for Warhammer 40,000.

Leading up to Parade Day, we will host two Engines of War project work days, where players are encouraged to come in and work on their projects alongside other participants. Players should feel free to swap parts and seek advice from their fellow participants.

Each player who purchases the models for their project from us will receive an exclusive deal for this event - a Dragon’s Dough card worth 20% of the cost of the miniatures bought in store for their project! The only catch is, the miniatures must be declared as part of a Tank Shock project when they are purchased, and they must be turned in for Parade Day.

The final event in the series is Mechanised Strike, where forces loyal to the Imperium will desperately battle against the renegade foundries to hold onto the forge world of Alastoris until reinforcements arrive. As the battle rages, Xenos and the vile forces of Chaos make planetfall, seizing the perceived opportunity, or forming pacts with the renegades on Alastoris.

Full details for each event can be found on our calendar of events: