Announcing our Star Wars™: Armada Wave II Pre-release Event

"What of the reports of the Rebel fleet massing near Sullust?"
     –Darth Vader

Attention, Star Wars™: Armada Fleet Admirals!

This October, The Massing at Sullust is your chance to get your hands on preview copies of the game's second wave of expansions and its first large-base ships, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and MC80 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser!

From left to right:
Imperial Raider, Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Rogue and Villain squadrons, MC80 Star Cruiser, MC30c frigate

What Is The Massing at Sullust?

The Massing at Sullust is a special preview event, showcasing the second wave of Armada starships and squadrons in a tournament taking place in our store this fall. This exclusive event will provide players with their first opportunity to see some of the Star Wars galaxy's most powerful and iconic starships launched into action for the very first time.

This is also your chance to be among the first in the world to take home the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Raider-class corvette, MC80 star cruiser, MC30c frigate, or the powerful and iconic squadrons from the Rogues and Villains Squadron Pack!

How Does It Work?

On October 3, 2015 we will run a standard, 300-point Armada tournament. Players will compete through three Swiss-style rounds, following all the standard rules described in the official Armada Tournament Rules document (pdf, 5.4 MB).

Then after the Swiss rounds, the top two players will confront each other in a final match of epic proportions!

Both players will set aside the fleets that they played throughout the Swiss rounds and will build new, 400-point fleets that utilize the Wave II starships and squadrons. One player will construct an Imperial fleet that includes the Imperial-class Star Destroyer and Raider-class corvette, as well as at least one of the Imperial squadrons from the Rogues and Villains Squadron Pack. The other player will construct a Rebel fleet that includes the MC80 star cruiser and MC30c frigate, as well as one or more of the Rebel squadrons from the Rogues and Villains Squadron Pack. Both players will then be able to complete their 400-point fleets by adding starships, squadrons, upgrades, and objectives drawn from their existing collections, plus those from the Wave II expansions under their command.

Using these newly upgraded fleets, the players will battle for the fate of the galaxy… and the right to take home the Armada Wave II expansion of their choice!


  • 1st Place – First choice of one The Massing at Sullust preview expansion
  • 2nd Place – Second choice of one The Massing at Sullust preview expansion
  • 3rd Place – Third choice of one The Massing at Sullust preview expansion
  • 4th Place – Fourth choice of one The Massing at Sullust preview expansion
  • Top 16 – One commemorative Imperial II-class Star Destroyer ship card with extended art

How Do You Get Involved?

Online registration is now open on our calendar of events. If you prefer, you can register over the phone or in person the next time you visit our shop. In the meantime, you can hone your skills by playing in our monthly Armada tournaments.

A Note About the Release of Wave II and The Massing at Sullust

When first announced, Armada Wave II was scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of 2015. However, an unavoidable manufacturing delay pushed back the wave's release date. Things are now back on schedule to see Wave II released in the fourth quarter of 2015.

In the meantime, Armada has been gaining tremendous momentum in our store and in the global gaming community. To help support this entusiasm, and the fans community's anticipation of the game's second wave, Fantasy Flight Games is air freighting some of the first ships off the run: these are the starships and squadrons players will have the chance to fly and win at The Massing at Sullust.