Every Sunday, our Wizards reveal a new deal, designed to save you money, while delivering a good dose of fun.

Today, we feature the Ally and Villain expansion packs for the Imperial Assault miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Imperial Assault: Ally and Villain Packs

With new missions, plastic figures, and key Command cards, Ally and Villain packs offer plenty of options for any game of Imperial Assault.

Imperial Assault Ally and Villain packs are available today at 25% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price, with free shipping anywhere in the Continental United States.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer includes packs released in conjunction with the upcoming Twin Shadows expansion.
To receive this offer, simply add the items to your shopping cart, click on the 'Use Coupon Code' button, and type in 'Mandalore', or stop by our store and mention the Sunday Deal to one of our Wizards: we'll take care of the rest.
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