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Are you tired of getting reindeer sweaters, rock-solid fruitcakes, tacky ties, or worst of all, SOCKS! as holiday presents? Ever wish you could send a personal shopper to the North Pole to ensure you get just want you really want?

Well . . . . .ADD A LITTLE MAGIC TO YOUR HOLIDAYS!!!!!!Sock BLock Lights

Once again Little Shop of Magic is here - on our continuing mission to prevent the devastating receiving of socks and to help you get what you most want. While we have no elves (our store is happy to abide by S.P.E.W. guidelines), our helpful Wizards were still able to concoct the perfect enchantment to lend Santa (errrr family and friends) a hand.

All you have to do is complete a Wish List Gift Registry the next time you're in our store and we'll take care of the rest! (You can also create a Wish List Gift Registry by phone or email)

We'll maintain a detailed list to ensure you get what you want, as well as avoid duplicate presents. We'll help your loved ones navigate our store to find your presents. We can even send your Wish List Gift Registry to loved ones (if desired).

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the store today and create your very own wish list: it's the difference between the ultimate gaming holiday or another drawer full of socks! Don't get stuck with lame gifts this holiday seasons.

Sock Block GuideCan't make it into the store or want to make quick additions to your Wish List Gift Registry, give us a call (702-307-6127) or email.

Still not sure what to get: Gift Cards are also available! Plus, this year we're introducing Dragon Bit Coins - ask a Wizard for more details.


And don't forget, our Mail Order Goblins are on hand to help with your holiday shipping needs too. We ship worldwide; big or small we can handle the boxing and shipping for you.


(Note from the Sorceress: Socks are awesome! And I take no part in the sock-hate.)