The launch of Lorcana, Ravensburger’s highly anticipated Trading Card Game set in the Disney universe, is right around the corner. Since its announcement last year, it has been clear that demand for this game will far surpass the available supply.

Our in-shop launch date is set for August 18th, with online sales starting on September 1st (limited quantities, while supplies last: see below). Ravensburger approved us as an official organized play location in June and we have received our allocation numbers from our distributors: fill rate is set at 20% of ordered totals. At this time, there is no indication from the publisher that a second print run of the inaugural set is in the works, but we are now taking requests (in person or by phone) for Lorcana set two, which will arrive in mid-November. The online request system for set two will launch once we have further details.

Given the situation, we reached the decision to allocate the greater portion of our initial stock to our organized play program. It is our hope and Ravensburger’s that, by promoting play and building a community focused on the property, we can see it prosper and continue in the years to come.

We understand that this is not ideal for our more remote fans, and that not everyone can attend our events on a regular basis, so we apologize for any disappointment this situation may cause. We do plan to mitigate that disappointment by dividing the remainder among our local and mail order/online customer base, along with giving an opportunity to members of our XP Loyalty Rewards program to redeem items by expending their XP loyalty points.

To recap:

  • Organized play will receive the majority of allocated product, which we will distribute at timely intervals coinciding with our organized play programs. We want to make sure those who play in our shop have a chance to add something to their collection every time they attend our events (while supplies). We will post details on our Lorcana organized play programs on our website’s Events Calendar in August, along with announcing them in our newsletter and social media channels.
  • Local customers on our request list will be allocated a percentage of the product before the in-shop release date of August 18th. We will be reaching out to those customers once we have selected them: please take a moment to speak to one of our Wizards to verify that we have accurate contact information for you if you are on our Lorcana request list. Customers will have seven days from notification to purchase and pick up their item(s). We will re-allocate any unpurchased items after this hold period to remaining customers on the request list. We will endeavor to honor the manufacturer’s suggested pricing for these customers. If you would like to join our local Lorcana request list, please visit, or call our shop and ask one of our Wizards for assistance.
  • Mail order/online customers. We will reserve a small percentage of the total to online sales. Lorcana items on our website will be available at market price, starting September 1st. Our system will automatically alert customers on our online Lorcana request list as product becomes available on our website. Product allocated to online sales is available on a first come, first served basis, and released in timed intervals. You may register for our online Lorcana request list by visiting our website.
  • Customers who are members of our XP Loyalty Rewards program will have access to reserved Lorcana inventory by expending accumulated XP points starting August 18th. If you would like more information on how you can join this free program, please speak to one of our Wizards the next time you visit our shop.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter and look forward to answering any questions you may have.



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