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What Happens Here?

To celebrate our 29th Anniversary, the staff the Little Shop of Magic are participating in The Conqueror Events: The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenges to virtually travel across Middle-Earth. We'll be following in the steps Frodo took across The Lord of the Rings movies. This Challenge is broken in to 5 legs: The Shire, The Fellowship, Mines of Moria, The Eye of Sauron, and Mordor. To accomplish our mission to destroy the One Ring and bring safety to The Shire and all of Middle-Earth, we will have to complete each Challenge in this epic road trip.

What is the The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenges?

The The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenges is an immersive, interactive, App driven trek through the cinematic Middle-Earth. As you reach specific markers along the route, you unlock Postcards with more information about key locations. At certain landmarks, you'll unlock Stories to fill in the narrative from the film trilogy.

Through the Conqueror Challenges App, you log the miles you have traveled to advance yourself and any teammates across the map on the Road to Mordor. As you complete each individual challenge, you are awarded Medals and unlock the next challenge.

How Can I Get Involved?

You can join our fellowship and journey virtual Middle-Earth right along side us.

To get started: sign up online on The Conqueror Events website. You will have to start with The Shire Challenge, or purchase the full Challenge Bundle to begin your adventure.

Next register through the The Conqueror Challenges App, and join our Community Group. Community name is: Little Shop of Magic, and Password is: LSoM2022.

You can then create or join a Team, or go it solo. You log and track you progress through the Challenge App, where you can also follow the progress of other Little Shop of Magic Community memebers.

(Note for these Challenges you have to use the App to participate, as the web browser is not available for this specific one.)

You can also join our Facebook Group Road to Mordor to help keep inspired and motivate the rest of our Fellowship.

What Comes With My Challenge Entries?

With each Challenge entry, you unlock Stories and Postcards as you traverse the virtual map. You can opt to have The Conqueror Events trees planted or trap plastic bottles from getting into the ocean. Once you complete a Challenge, you will receive a Digital certificate of completion and the finisher's medal. Upon completing each stage, you open up the next stage of the Challenge.



How Do I Travel Through Virtual Middle-Earth?

You can walk, run, cycle, or swim your way across Middle-Earth. Actually, any exercise you choose can be convererted into miles logged.

What is a Team?

When traveling as part of a Team, your distances are added cumulatively to progress the whole team across the virtual map. With a team, member are splitting the distances amongst each other, rather than each taking on the full distance themselves.

Why Go to Mordor?

Mostly because it seems really cool. This challenge appeals to our little nerd hearts, and we are ready for some adventure - even if we aren't actually traveling very far. Part team-building, part competition, part testing ourselves, part adventure, part fitness. With this challenge, we can all work together towards a shared goal with support and purpose.

Is There A Prize For Being First?

Nope, this adventure is not really a race. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. Competition is always near to our gamer hearts, but it is not a big player in this endevor. We are looking to support and challenge each other to reach our own goals. Our emphasis will be on the teams and communities working together for each person to carry their ring to Mount Doom. There will be those that get there ahead of others, and those that get there later; all that is fine. The prizes are all the same, no matter how fast anyone gets to the end.