Pop-Up Gen Con

A big thank your to everyone who helped make our inaugural Pop-Up Gen Con a great success!

If you entered our raffle when you where here, make sure to check out your stubs with the numbers below to see if you've won a prize. If you're one of the lucky ones, be sure to claim your prize by Saturday, August 31st. All unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity after that date.

Ticket #   Prize
859190   Alien Wars
859233   Trekking the National Parks
859238   Trekking the National Parks
859331   Trekking the National Parks
859247   Rumble in the House
859255   Zombie 15
859273   Rumble in the House
859278   Alien Wars
859282   Zombie 15
859285   Mexica
859289   Alien Wars
859322   Legendary Forests
859342   Star Wars: Outer Rim
859350   Star Wars: Outer Rim
859359   Pathfinder: 2nd Edition Core Rule Book
859368   Pathfinder: 2nd Edition Core Rule Book
859394   Little Town