REM44013 Jakob Knochengard


REM44014 Andowyn Thrushmoor


REM44015 D'Vandra Lukesia


REM44016 Dreadmere Mercencaries (3)


REM44017  Juliana, Herbalist


REM44018 Sheriff Drumfasser

Bones Black is Reaper's new line of unpainted plastic miniatures debuting in 2019. They are made using a dark grey polymer plastic material which is lightweight. slightly flexible and very durable.
Item Description MSRP
REM44019   Bones Black: Reeve Planomap $3.49
REM44020 Bones Black: The Crimson Herald $3.49
REM44021 Bones Black: Maggotcrown Bonesack $3.99
REM44022 Bones Black: Dreadmere Wight $3.49
REM44023 Bones Black: Hivewarden $6.99
REM44024 Bones Black: Giant Frogs (2) $4.99
REM44025 Bones Black: Bloodwolf $3.99
REM44026 Bones Black: Razormouth $3.99
REM44027 Bones Black: Terror Fish $3.99
REM44028 Bones Black: Torlan $4.99
REM44029 Bones Black: Bufo $3.49
REM44030 Bones Black: Spirit Beast $4.99
REM44031 Bones Black: Giant Leeches (2) $5.99
REM44032 Bones Black: Boat $3.99
REM44100 Bones Black: Mumlak - Deluxe Boxed Set $24.99
REM44101 Bones Black: King Cobra - Deluxe Boxed Set $24.99
REM49001 Bones Black: Alien Overlords (3) $7.99
REM49002 Bones Black: Toolbots (3) $4.99
REM49003 Bones Black: Sliggs and Squarg (3) $6.99
REM49004 Bones Black: Bollards (12) $4.99

Detective LA Crimes

Detective: LA Crimes

$29.99 MSRP

Detective: L.A. Crimes is the first campaign expansion for Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. This expansion consists of three separate cases that come together to form a full story campaign. Travel to sunny California and delve deep into the drug-filled Los Angeles of the 80’s. Experience being an L.A. detective, and realize that sometimes you may need to bend the rules to do your job. Try some controversial methods to solve your case, all the while battling with the red tape of bureaucracy. Use all new mechanics: Stakeout and Observation to learn more about your suspects. The choices are yours, but are you willing to cross the line?

Game of Thrones Chess Set

Game of Thrones Collector's Chess Set
$99.99 MSRP

Inspired by one of the most critically acclaimed television series of all time, this one-of-a-kind Game of Thrones Collector's Chess Set perfectly captures the spirit of conquest in both the timeless two-player strategy game and the war between Westeros and the White Walkers.

Beautifully sculpted and true to actor likenesses, 32 intricate resin Chess pieces sit on a custom Iron Throne-themed board, featuring an antiqued metallic gold checkerboard and a dragon scale textured backwrap. Each piece is securely packaged in die cut foam, ready for fans to display the powerhouses of both sides and to continue the epic battles at home. Game of Thrones Chess Set

War of the Spark Alternate Art Playmat - Chandra

War of the Spark Alternate Art Playmat - Chandra
ULP 18163
$21.99 MSRP

Up your game at your next game night with these official Magic: The Gathering playmats showcasing highly detailed and vibrant artwork from popular trading card game. Made with a premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards during game play for tabletop gamers. With dimensions of approximately 24" X 13-1/2", this playmat is also the perfect decorative over sized mouse pad for computer and laptop workstations. Non-slip rubber backing lets the playmat lay flat and prevents it from shifting during use.

The Ancient World

RVM 021 - The Ancient World

MSRP - $59.99

In an ancient world forgotten by time, enormous titans terrorize the land. Five tribes have been fleeing from the titans for centuries, but things are about to change. Growing city-states pledge to end the reign of terror, determined to take on the titans and make the world a safer place for all. Each city-state competes to attract the tribes, eager for the strength of the combined peoples, with the hope that the titans can be defeated once and for all.

In The Ancient World, players compete to grow the largest and most influential city-state by managing citizens, treasury, and military and by defeating titans. Players take turns sending citizens to take special actions or using military cards to attack titans. One of the actions a citizen can perform is to build Empire cards, which give more citizens, money, and abilities. A city-state's influence in the world is measured by sets of tribe banners that it owns. Each Empire card has one or more tribe banners, and tribe banners can also be gained by defeating titans. Players gain victory points (VPs) for sets of tribe banners. After six rounds, the player with the most VPs from sets of tribe banners wins.

Kanagawa: Yokai Expansion
MSRP: $14.99
SKU: IEL51592

With this expansion, bring more choices and tension to Kanagawa! On top of new families of elements to add to the original (kites, paper lanterns, and parasols), three mischievous yokaï, Japanese demons, appear!

They will be very tricky: there is a diploma earning you points if you are the first to get all three yokaï... But then, pass them to other players in time to avoid negative points at the end of the game!

The Villiagers
MSRP: $15.00
SKU: BFS1349

The Villagers is a social deduction party game where two teams will compete: the Plague Doctor team vs. the Villager team.

In the Villagers, the Plague Doctors will try to infect a new Villager each night, while the Villagers try to deduce who in their midst are Plague Doctors in hiding. The Plague Doctors are posing as Villagers too, so who do you trust? Exile a new player each day, but beware, as new infections plague your village each night.

The Villagers have variable player powers for up to 25 players, giving an enormous amount of depth, tension, player interaction, and replayability.

Ship Shape
MSRP: $30.00

Ahoy, captain - set sail for fun, adventure, and riches! Your savvy crew does your bidding, stacking your hold with themost profitable crates. Will you choose glittering treasure, colossal cannons, or perhaps some risky - but lucrative - contraband? Outwit and outbid all others to earn the biggest bounty . . . but above all, keep everything ShipShape!

In ShipShape, 2-6 players each control a ship. Over the course of three voyages (rounds), you bid using numbered crew cards to claim unique crate tiles off the central stack. Fill your hold with gold, cannons, and contraband and cover up what you don't want. At the end of each voyage, score coins by comparing your holds with everyone else, looking onlyat what is visible in your hold.

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising
MSRP: $39.99

You are a powerful Phoenix racing through the night sky transforming lanterns into brilliant stars, replacing those stolen by vengeful gods! Tsuro: Phoenix Rising™ is a new entry in the classic Tsuro series. The game shares the foundations of the venerable original: play tiles, follow your path, and be aware of your surroundings, but it introduces a revolutionary game board that allows for the double-sided Path tiles to flip and rotate throughout the game, creating diverging paths and opening up new strategies.

In Tsuro: Phoenix Rising™ 2-8 players each control an agile Phoenix. Each turn, you will create a path in front of your pawn by placing a new tile, or by flipping and rotating the tile in front of you. As you follow your path, you will reach lanterns and score them as star tokens. As a Phoenix, you have the power to be reborn from the ashes once per game use this ability to return in a strategic position that will allow you to score multiple stars! The player who collects seven stars creating a new constellation or is the last Phoenix alive - wins the game!
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