When it’s released on September 13, X-Wing™ Second Edition  will usher in a new generation of intense, ship-to-ship combat in the Star Wars galaxy.

Today, Fantasy Flight Games shared four printable lists of all X-Wing Second Edition cards and their current squad-point costs and upgrade options. The X-Wing squad builder app will be available at launch on September 13, but until then, these lists can help you quickly find the point values of the vast library of ship and upgrade cards available at launch and use them to build squadrons tailored to your play style.

Important note: The point values of cards and the available upgrade slots for pilots will change as the game continues to grow and evolve. Updated versions of these lists will be made available as necessary.

Find out how you can fit your favorite pilots and upgrades into your own custom squadrons by downloading the Rebel Alliance points list (pdf, 369 KB), the Galactic Empire points list (pdf, 359 KB), the Scum and Villainy points list (pdf, 389 KB), and the generic upgrades points list (pdf, 353 KB) today!