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Famine, refugees, class struggles, nuclear arms, racial and religious conflict, pollution, disease...all catalysts to the encroaching Apocalypse. But, nothing could prepare humanity for what followed in its wake. The door to the netherworld had opened, and from it burst an overwhelming flow of death - The Immortals!

With their bodies controlled by a hearty hunger for flesh, they were simply drawn to the fragrance and sound of those who radiated with life, spreading slowly but steadily throughout the world. The humans preyed upon by the infected Immortals drew their last breaths, and then were reborn. Those reanimated as the living dead - zombies - desired the lifeforce of mortals, and so the death spread incalculably. When the world grew thick with the illness, all those who died became the infected. Whether they fell prey to the immortals or not, all humans were fated to become members of the living dead.

Faced with this crisis of unparallel proportions, it took humanity some time to come to grips with their situation. Those monsters that had formerly infested only fictional worlds such as movies, television, and comic books were now a threat that stood shoulder to shoulder with them. In the blink of an eye, the earth was covered with them, and the hand of death threatened to drag the living down into the bowels of the underworld. No matter how the mortals ran, it would catch them, exposing them to a reality more terrifying than a nightmare.

Zombie World Order is a two-player, head-to-head, competitive trading card game where players take on the role as one of the few survivors in a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world where the only thing that matters is survival.

Using 50-card decks, players command undead armies using magic to summon a wide variety of zombies with two signature characteristics - toughness and revival - which are key to gameplay, as toughness lets zombies take multiple hits, while revival brings 'em back for more! There are three kinds of zombies - Deadman (classic Japanese zombies like samurais, ninjas, sushi chefs), Mech-Z (mecha-inspired zombies such as soldiers, rocket-man, and lightning girl), and Immortal (demons and ghosts).

Prepare yourself! The Zombie World Order Begins April 2017!




Zombie World Order Booster 1 Display (24)


Zombie World Order Special Pack Set 1 Display (6)


Zombie World Order Launch Kit


Zombie World Order Tournament Kit 1