These aren't your typical lightweights! These seriously hefty, all-metal dice are crafted from a solid zinc alloy and finished with bright, light-catching translucent numbers - so they're as easy to read as they are fun to throw!

Each Metal Polyhedral: 7-Piece Dice Set includes the seven standard polyhedral dice configurations - d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20, plus a 10-sided 'percentile' tens die and a 12-sided d4 die numbered 1-4 three times.

Available soon! Please contact our Wizards for product availability and to place an order.




KOP 18733

Metal Polyhedral: 6-Sided Die


KOP 18734

Metal Polyhedral: 8-Sided Die


KOP 18735

Metal Polyhedral: 10-Sided Die


KOP 18736

Metal Polyhedral: 12-Sided Die


KOP 18737

Metal Polyhedral: 20-Sided Die


KOP 18738

Metal Polyhedral: 10-Sided "Tens" Die


KOP 18739

Metal Polyhedral: 12-Sided "D4" Die


KOP 18741

Metal Polyhedral: 7 Piece Dice Set


KOP 18740

Metal Countdown D20 Dice: Blue Numbers


KOP 18742

Metal Countdown D20 Dice with Bag: Blue Numbers


KOP 18856

Metal Countdown D20 Dice: Black Numbers


KOP 18858

Metal Countdown D20 Dice: Green Numbers


KOP 18860

Metal Countdown D20 Dice: Red Numbers


KOP 18862

Metal Countdown D20 Dice: White Numbers