Ghal MarazThe Old World is no more. Warhammer is no more.

Going forward, Age of Sigmar will replace Warhammer.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the Age of Sigmar starter set in our store.

Here are some key notes about the game straight from Games Workshop themselves:

  • The 4-page rule book will be available for download for free from the Games Workshop website starting this Saturday, July 4th.

  • The starter set will be $125.00 and will be available starting on Saturday July 11th. The starter set will include 18 Stormcast Eternal figures (new faction), 29 new Khorne figures, a 29-page Age of Sigmar book (background/story material and scenarios), a printed version of the rulebook, and the War Scrolls.

  • War Scrolls, which will be available for free download from the Games Workshop website, will include the stat lines, special rules, and key words for each unit.

  • Key Words will able to be used and combined to allow different tactical advantages. For instance, a figure might have a special rule that gives a bonus to all figures within 8 inches that have the Daemon Key Word.

  • There will no longer be point values for any figures. It will be up to the players to determine what figures they want to bring to the fight and the game can scale from 1 figure per side to infinite figures per side.
  • Army composition rules are no more. Players will no longer have to worry about having a specific number of core units, or a limited number of rare units.

  • Armies can also comibne now in any way. Players can have Lizardmen teamed up with Skaven fighting against Chaos Beastmen and Tomb Kings.

  • Bases size/shape no longer matter. Unit coherency and movement is now fluid like Warhammer 40,000. Warhammer figures will now be supplied with round and oval bases, but it does not matter what the figures are mounted on since measurements are measured from figure to figure.

So, how will this new game play? We will find out this weekend when the new rules come out.