Zendo is an inductive logic game in which players compete to figure out a secret rule.

One person moderates, providing answers to questions about the secret rule. Players take turns building new structures of game pieces, each of which will give them insight about the unknown attributes of the secret rule.

This updated version of Zendo features a new, more exciting collection of shapes to play with: pyramids, wedges, and blocks!

Zendo comes complete with 27 Pyramids, 27 Wedges, 27 Blocks, 27 Black Disks, 27 White Disks, 27 Green Cubes, 40 Rule Cards, two clips to attach to the cards, and two Instruction Booklets.


Available in November!

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Torg Eternity RPG

The Possibility Wars Begins Anew!

Raiders from other realities have arrived on Earth and and where they rule the laws of physics warp to form strange, new landscapes!

The High Lords came from other 'cosms', other realities - conquerors joined together to steal the Earth's living energy... to consume its very Possibilities!

Each Reality Raider brought his or her own reality - from the dark fantasy of Aysle, the technological oppression of the Cyberpapacy, and the savagery and exploration of the Living Land, to the diabolical pulp villains of the Nile Empire, the Gothic horror of Orrorsh, the action and intrigue of Pan-Pacifica, and the terrifying, demon-ruled wasteland of Tharkold!

The High Lords impose their reality and transform everything within, draining the Earth of its Possibilities in the hopes that one of them will become an ancient and all-powerful being called the 'Torg!'

In Torg Eternity, you play Storm Knights - defenders with the power to bend the fabric of reality - who resist the invading High Lords at every turn!

Torg Eternity contains all the core rules for the game, secrets about the invaders, details about the first 90 days of the attack, and advice for new Game Masters. All seven attacking cosms and Core Earth are also portrayed within, along with the special abilities and gear that Storm Knights from all the realms need to get into the action!

Scheduled for release in January 2018!





Torg Eternity RPG: Core Rules Hardcover



Torg Eternity RPG: Dice Pack



Torg Eternity RPG: GM Screen



Torg Eternity RPG: Drama Deck



Torg Eternity RPG: Day One Hardcover



Torg Eternity RPG: Possibilities



Torg Eternity RPG: Poster Map



Torg Eternity RPG: Delphi Missions - Rising Storm Hardcover


Munchkin Collectible Card Game

The Munchkin Collectible Card Game matches 2-4 players, head-to-head, in a world rife with tropes, satire, blatant backstabbing, and casual bending of the rules! Choose one of three two-player starter sets that let you leap into the fray straight out of the box, and customize your decks with boosters, each containing 12 random cards drawn from a pool of over 300 cards.

Begin your journey by choosing your hero. Are you a Bard, a Wizard, a Cleric, a Thief, a Warrior, or a Ranger? Each hero has its own unique, wacky ability. Level up each turn, put loot into play to gain benefits, unleash hideous (and laughable!) monsters upon your opponents, and attack (or bluff!) 'em! In a world filled with monsters, weapons, locations, and loot, your goal is to be the last hero standing!

Designed by Eric Lang (Blood Rage) and Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror), and featuring art by John Kovalic, Mike Luckas, Katie Cook, Lar DeSouza, Ian McGinty, Tom Siddell, and Shane White, each Munchkin Collectible Card Game Starter Set contains two pre-constructed, opposing Hero Decks, two level counters, 40 tokens, one die, two Run Away markers, and a Booster Pack. Add a boost to your Munchkin Collectible Card Game with 12-card boosters packed in 24-count displays.

Scheduled for release in February 2018!




SJG 4501-D

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Booster Display (24)


SJG 4502

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Wizard/Bard Starter


SJG 4503

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Ranger/Warrior Starter


SJG 4504

Munchkin Collectible Card Game: Cleric/Thief Starter


Genesys RPG: Character Creation

Learn How to Create a Character in the Genesys Roleplaying System


The  Genesys Roleplaying System is one of the most versatile and adaptable roleplaying systems ever, putting you in the shoes of characters from any setting you can imagine. From a gritty battlefield to the far-flung fantastical future, the setting is in your hands. But how do you go about creating a character that feels unique to your setting, deeply personal to you in a game that’s all-encompassing? Luckily, today, Genesys Designer Sam Stewart is taking us step by step through the process of character creation, giving us a glimpse into one of the most robust mechanisms in the Genesys Roleplaying System.

Twilight Imperium: Status and Agenda Preview

Preview the Status and Agenda Phases of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition

"Here on Mecatol Rex, the Galactic Council is growing in influence once more, while civilizations new and old, are re-colonizing the neighboring systems abandoned during the Dark Years."
   - Mahthom Iq Seerva 

A new age of twilight has dawned and the great factions of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition are scrambling to become the dominant force in the galaxy.

While large armadas will be essential to your galactic conquest, you will also need the silver tongue of a politician to come out on top. A game of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition will not only see players do battle with their enemies, but work hand-in-hand with their direct rivals in a galactic council to enact laws that propel their climb to greatness while pushing down those who would oppose them.

Today, we’re previewing the agenda and status phases of Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition. These phases occur after the action phase, allowing players the opportunity to vote on new laws and climb closer to domination by scoring objectives and refreshing their command tokens.

Runewars Miniatures: Kethra A'laak

Introducing Kethra A'laak to Runewars Miniatures Game

The witch Kethra A’laak stands apart from all others within the swarm. Although sworn to the Blood Coven which taught her, great and terrible ambitions burn within her, and her elevation into the coven has only strengthened her dreams of conquest and glory. Considered unpredictable by many of her peers, Kethra’s ruthlessness is not out of place amidst the sisterhood of the Blood Coven.

Now as the battle for Terrinoth pitches the realm into chaos, Kethra A’laak sees her opportunity to seize power and take her place as the ruler of the locust swarm. Fantasy Flight Games has announced the upcoming release of the Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion for the Uthuk Army of Runewars Miniatures Game!

Android: Netrunner - Revised Core Set

Announcing a Revised Core Set for Android: Netrunner The Card Game

It is the future. The world has changed. Crime has not.

Welcome to the not-too-distant future of the Android universe. Your ticket? The Revised Core Set for Android: Netrunner The Card Game!

With more than 240 cards, the Android: Netrunner Revised Core Set transports you to an age of sprawling megacities. Here, artificially intelligent bioroids and genetically modified clones work alongside cyborgs, g-modded humans, and naturals. Hoppers pass overhead in their skylanes, and in New Angeles, a Space Elevator most commonly known as the "Beanstalk" dwarfs neighboring arcologies and skyscrapers as it reaches beyond the Earth's atmosphere and gravity to serve as a low-cost launch for near-space travel.

This is a future in which humanity has colonized the moon and Mars. Gone are the days of the mouse and the keyboard. Most users transfer data via gestural interfaces and virtual displays, but the elite take advantage of the advances in human-machine brain interfaces to "jack in," connecting their brains directly to their computers, and beyond them, the omnipresent network.

Everyone relies on the network, the all-seeing, all-hearing grid that surrounds Earth and reaches out into the solar system. More data flows through the network every second than was ever expressed in the first five-thousand years of written language. It is a surveillance network, a financial system, and a library. It is the backbone of modern civilization. And it is a battlefield—the scene of countless struggles between the megacorps that want to conceal and secure their agendas and the talented hackers, known as "runners," capable of breaking, bending, bamboozling, and otherwise bypassing those defenses and stealing those corporate secrets.

Soon, if you have never played Android: Netrunner, the Revised Core Set will offer you the chance to boot up and jack into the greatest game of high-stakes cybercrime the world has ever seen. If you have played, you will find that the Revised Core Set sets a new standard, pushing the game into the future—adjusting the base card pool, altering the battlefield, and aging your favorite characters.

Netrunner: Sovereign Sight

Announcing the First Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner

Atop the rippling waters of Lake Victoria, a second beanstalk lies nascent and full of promise. To see it rise—to see a second Earth Station rise into space—the nations of the Sub-Saharan League have set aside their differences, and the result has been an economic and cultural renaissance. Everything that was old is new again.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the upcoming release of Sovereign Sight, the first Data Pack in the Kitara Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game!

With its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards), Sovereign Sight leads Android: Netrunner and the Kitara Cycle to the shores of Lake Victoria. Here, the members of the Sub-Saharan League (SSL) work tirelessly to construct a new link between the world of dirt and the limitless expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere. But even as their labors and ambitions have put the world on notice, they are driving the region full-speed into a time of crisis.

This massive undertaking—loaded with political, social, and economic significance—cannot afford a single weakness. Weaknesses could be corrupted, exploited, or exploded. There's the funding the SSL hopes to receive from New Beijing. There's the Weyland Consortium, who don't wish to see the SSL succeed, and who will do all they can to prevent the project's scientists from uncovering the secrets of their buckyweave. And while the SSL's dreams may have brought an end to the bloody guerrilla warfare waged between Nigeria and Soufrika, there's a terrible fragility to the current peace—one that even a single assassin's blade could shatter.

This is a time and a place where the stakes are almost impossibly high, and those with talent and vision may find the world at their feet. It's not just a second Earth Station that's being created on the waters of Lake Victoria—it's the future.

Star Wars Destiny: Empire at War - Scum Characters

Preview the Yellow Heroes and Villains of Empire at War


Scoundrel? I like the sound of that.
   - Han Solo, Star Wars
: The Empire Strikes Back

No one profits more from an Empire at War than the scum and scoundrels of the Star Wars™ galaxy. While other heroes and villains fight on the front lines, scoundrels scrape by with their wits and tricks to ensure they come out on top.

Today we’re previewing the Yellow heroes and villains of Empire at War, the new set of boosters for Star Wars: Destiny. Yellow characters use efficient events and overflowing resources to overwhelm their enemies with tricks and traps in the epic duels of Star Wars: Destiny.

On The Hunt

Desperate times call for desperate measures, which is why relentless bounty hunters are in high-demand during times of war. 

Of these bounty hunters, one of the most fearsome is Bossk  (Empire at War, 17), the Wookie Slayer. Bossk enters Destiny at eleven points for a normal version or fifteen for an elite. His dice include two ranged damage sides, a melee side, a disrupt, and a resource. Furthermore, any time you activate Bossk, you may move one damage from an opponent’s character to another character. Not only does this allow you to control where damage goes, especially against a character with the Guardian keyword, but it also ignores shields, making Bossk extremely versatile and dangerous.

Bossk’s signature vessel,  Hound's Tooth  (Empire at War, 20), can help finance any Yellow villain’s ventures. At two cost, the Hound’s Tooth features one disrupt symbol, two shield symbols, and two resource symbols. These symbols can provide a massive number of shields and resources at face value, but also, any time you activate Hound’s Tooth, you may remove one of your yellow character dice to gain one resource. The Hound’s Tooth is a valuable support that can be used to gather the resources you need for powerful effects like Crime Lord  (Awakenings, 23), or the new Pilfered Goods  (Empire at War, 83).

Bossk isn’t the only bounty hunter to enter the fight in Empire at War. The enigmatic Cad Bane  (Empire at War, 18) enters Destiny at thirteen points for a normal version or seventeen for an elite. His die features two ranged damage symbols, a discard symbol, a shield, and a resource. Furthermore, as an action, you may play an upgrade from your hand on Cad Bane and then activate him. This gives Cad Bane the ability to be incredibly efficient. If the card you play to upgrade him is  Fast Hands  (Spirit of Rebellion, 150), you can play it on Bane, activate him, and then use the ability of Fast Hands to resolve one of his dice. Cad Bane hits fast and hard, and can surprise your foes with his ability.

The  LL-30 Blaster Pistol  (Empire at War, 22) can be used to ensure your Yellow villains bring in any target. For two resources, the blaster features two ranged damage sides, a modified ranged damage side, a shield, and a special symbol. The special symbol can be used to turn another one of your dice to a side showing ranged damage. The blaster also features the Ambush keyword, meaning you can take another action after playing it, and Redeploy, meaning if the attached character is defeated, the blaster can move to another one of your characters, sticking around the entire game.

Yellow villains revel in destruction and can manipulate their dice in a variety of ways. Anarchy  (Empire at War, 78) allows you to remove one of your yellow dice and then deal damage to each of your opponent’s characters equal to the value showing on that die. This can be any symbol, meaning any high-value symbols like the resource sides on Hound’s Tooth can be used to devastating effect.


The more characters an opponent has, the more targets your Yellow villains get to take down. Bounty Postings  (Empire at War, 79) allows you to draw one card for every character an opponent has. When your characters are outnumbered, these cards can provide more options, or more fuel to reroll your dice.

Win With Style

Making their way side by side with these villains are the gold-hearted scoundrels of Star Wars. While on the side of heroes in an Empire at War, scoundrels fight with an unparalleled style and finesse.

The pinnacle of style is none other than Lando Calrissian  (Empire at War, 39), Galactic Entrepreneur. Lando enters Destiny with thirteen points for a normal version or sixteen for an elite version. Lando’s die features one ranged symbol, one focus symbol, a discard symbol, and two resource symbols. Lando makes an impact from the very beginning of the game, allowing you to start with one additional resource, allowing you to play powerful cards right from turn one. Furthermore, Lando’s two resource sides can help pay for the powerful events that often populate Yellow hero decks.

Lando pairs well with the new X-8 Night Sniper  (Empire at War, 55), which features two ranged damage sides, a modified ranged damage side, a disrupt, and a resource. As an action, you may spend one resource to turn the X-8 Night Sniper die to any side. At two-cost, Lando can both attach the gun and use its ability on the first turn without trouble.

Also joining the side of the Yellow heroes is none other than  Chopper  (Empire at War, 42), the temperamental astromech crew member of the Ghost. Chopper is a one cost support that features two melee sides, a disrupt symbol, a resource, and a special symbol. Chopper’s special symbol allows you to remove a die showing a value of two or less. This can constantly interrupt your opponent’s plans as Chopper chips away at their options, not to mention pinging their characters with melee damage and removing their resources.

Yellow heroes get plenty of new tools in Empire at War to ensure they can come out ahead. The Energy Slingshot  (Empire at War, 43) is a one cost upgrade that features two ranged damage sides, two disrupt sides, and a discard symbol. Additionally, after you resolve the slingshot, you may spend a resource to reroll the die instead of removing it from your pool. This can allow the slingshot to continually ping your opponent with damage, disrupts, and discards for as long as you have the resources to fuel it.

Tough Haggler  (Empire at War, 44) is another way to ensure you have more options than your opponent. The three-cost upgrade features a disrupt symbol, a resource symbol, a modified resource symbol, and two special symbols. These symbols allow you to view an opponent’s hand and choose two cards in it. The opponent then either discards those cards or spends two resources. Either choice can be devastating for your opponent, forcing them to either get rid of powerful cards or lose the resources that may be needed to play them. Tough Haggler can keep your opponent on the ropes, constantly trying to keep their resources and cards in hand rather than focusing on playing them to the table.

One of the biggest tricks Yellow heroes receive in Empire at War is the ability to Impersonate  (Empire at War, 111). For two resources, you may move damage among your characters as you wish. This can completely disrupt your opponents plans if they were heavily focusing on one character, moving their damage to your other characters. With impersonate, the focus of your opponent is in your hands, forcing them to make inopportune decisions no matter what.

Yellow heroes are also adept at surviving, overcoming impossible odds to win the day. At a cost of three resources, Tenacity  (Empire at War, 114) embodies this, allow you to exhaust an opponent’s character if they have more characters than you. This can be a great tool to defeat decks that focus on overwhelming their opponent with massive numbers, and can eliminate a character for an entire turn.

Scoundrels and Scum

In an Empire at War, no one has more tricks up their sleeve than Yellow Characters. Whether it’s in tracking targets or outwitting their opponent, the scoundrels and scum of Star Wars are a force to be reckoned with.

Play with Style and purchase Empire at War (SWD07) in our shop later this Thursday!