The Doom that Came to Atlantic City

Cryptozoic Entertainment has released details on its version of The Doom That Came to Atlantic CityDoom skyrocketed in notoriety last month when its original publisher, The Forking Path Co., revealed that it would not produce the game despite successfully funding it with Kickstarter campaign that raised over $120,000 from backers.

Cryptozoic will publish the board game under its flag in 2014 and at least one of the coveted 'stretch' goal items, miniatures by sculptor Paul Komoda, will be standard issue. Doom allows players to assume the role of Lovecraftian Great Old Ones, returned to Earth to unleash doom upon humanity. Players fight to steal cultists, destroy homes, rip holes in reality and call down the ultimate Doom.

Featuring 8 custom playing pieces, 8 Mythos Role cards, 45 Chants cards, 24 Gate cards, 16 Tome cards, 4 reference cards, 50 cultists, 40 gate markers, 60 homes, 8 resorts, 8 tentacles, 2 custom dice, a game board, and rules, Doom is now available for pre-order in our store. Books is collaborating with Ninja Division, which combines the design talents of Soda Pop Miniatures and Cipher Studios, to produce its Robotech RPG Tactics game.  Ninja Division is the designer of Super Dungeon Explore, Anima Tactics, and other games. 
Robotech RPG Tactics, which is planned to release in 2013, will feature miniatures that can be used for either the stand-alone tactical game or for the Robotech RPG.  Factions will include the United Earth Defense Forces, defending earth from alien annihilation, and the Zentraedi Armada, trying to recover an alien artifact and enslave humankind. those of you who have started testing out the Dropzone Commander rules in our store, you may be interested in knowing that the publisher has made errata and rules clarification sheets available.

For your convinience, we have reposted them here: simply click on the links above to view and print each document.

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