Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a traveling series of game conventions, Epic Con, to kick off this year with events in Las Vegas and Philadelphia. Each Epic Con will include a Darkmoon Faire, an event for players of Cryptozoic’s World of Warcraft TCG. But Epic Cons will also include gaming from other companies, including Magic: The Gathering, Ascension, Settlers of Catan, and more.
Cryptozoic is also inviting retailers and other game companies to exhibit. Cryptozoic President and CCO Cory Jones explained the strategy. “The hobby gaming space is too small not to support any group or company spending time and money to grow the category as a whole, and as you can see with the types of games we will be supporting and the types of partners stepping up to be represented, we are totally committed to this vision,” he said.

A Board Game Library is also planned for each Epic Con, where players can rent games for $5 per four hours, with the proceeds donated to Child’s Play.

There will be no charge to attend.

The Las Vegas Epic Con will be held June 16-19 at the Paris; the Philadelphia event will be held September 29-October 2nd at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The 2012 Epic Con schedule will be announced at Gen Con. Earlier this month, Games Workshop informed us about major repackaging and format changes to all of their main range of metal models.

Current information points to the complete elimination of metal from the line, with spin-cast resin temporarily replacing the affected parts until ramped-up plastics production bridges the gap. This sweeping change will affect both blisters and boxed sets. 

We now have a complete list of affected items: click on the 'Read more' link below to display it.

Availability for some these codes may become scarce and sporadic. If you would like to place a special order for any of these items, please let us know and we will try to fulfill that order while supplies last. 

We will post more information on the package and format change as it becomes available.
Vampire Werewolf Fairies is a light-hearted fantasy card game from Gozer Games, scheduled to release at the end of April. Featuring art from some of the most popular fantasy artists, this light filler invites players to create impossible combinations of fantasy creatures.
In the game, players assume the roles of common fantasy archetypes: vampires, werewolves, witches, and faeries—or even a combination of them—as they race to collect objects that can be used to harm their opponents. The game is playable on its own, or it can be combined with the earlier Gozer title Zombie Ninja Pirates.
Vampire Werewolf Fairies features artwork from Phil Foglio, John Kovalic, Terry Moore, Randy Milholland, and Neko Pilarcik. It allows two to six players, but can be combined with Zombie Ninja Pirates to allow up to ten. The game includes 108 game cards. The suggested retail price will be $17.95.
Diamond Book Distributors has informed its publisher clients that it is resuming shipments of books and games to Borders as of this week. Shipments had been halted since early this year due to payment issues: Diamond is owed $3.9 million, according to Border’s Chapter 11 filing. Diamond told its publisher clients that it is working with the chain on titles and quantities to ship.

Borders is not shipping any returns for pre-petition books to Diamond. During the Chapter 11 proceedings, Borders is not reducing its trade liabilities, but can disperse moneys to get new product into its stores.
Barnes & Noble is likely to take itself off the market after an unsuccessful search for a buyer for the company, according to Bloomberg. Both private equity and strategic buyers have found the nation’s largest book chain unappealing, with some citing the company’s unproven status in the e-book market, according to the report. The search for a buyer will reportedly continue for a few more weeks before it is ended.
Barnes & Noble put itself up for sale last summer in the midst of a bruising proxy and legal battle with investor Ron Burkle, who was seeking to get the company to take steps to increase its value.