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Mayfair has expanded and extended its major 2011 sponsorship agreement with Gen Con for three years, covering the 2012 through 2014 shows. Mayfair became the largest exhibitor at Gen Con in 2011.  In addition to its presence on its own, Mayfair also coordinated efforts with a number of licensees this year.  
The agreement for the upcoming years will give Mayfair an expanded show presence via the Family Outreach Program, Giant Games, and Ribbon Quest.
Gen Con attracted over 36,000 attendees this year, a record.  Gen Con CEO Adrian Swartout gave some of the credit for that to Mayfair.  “We feel grateful that the Mayfair Games team has worked so hard to partner together with Gen Con to create the best Gen Con Indy we have ever had,” she said.
Gen Con Indy, the nation’s largest annual consumer fantasy, science fiction, and adventure gaming convention, shattered all previous attendance records as it posted more than 20% growth. Turnstile attendance was over 119,707 with 36,733 unique attendees present for the “best four days in gaming.” The family fun events on Sunday were also well-attended and resulted in nearly 3,000 additional people attending the show.
Participation in the various ticketed game events was up over 26% with over 250,000 event tickets disbursed.  A variety of charity events held at Gen Con Indy resulted in the raising of more than $18,000 for various charitable organizations.
The strong attendance at Gen Con Indy in 2011 built on a solid showing in 2010. The next Gen Con Indy will held August 16-19, 2012: find out how you can get involved with our store's activities in Indianapolis by talking to one of our Wizards today.

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Malifaux Twisting Fates

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Malifaux just got a whole lot more dangerous!

This book continues the story of life in Malifaux and introduces a new game character option, Avatars.




Guild: Sonnia Criid - Alternative

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2-4 Players

Ages 13+

30-75 Minutes


1 hex board which is customizable with workbench and impassable tokens
Pattern Book (step by step quick start play through of puppet wars)
2 puppet decks
Game Tokens
Lady Justice (Master)
Seamus (Master)
Misaki (Sidekick)
Rusty Alyce (Sidekick)
Bete Noire (Sidekick)
Judge (Sidekick)
Convict Gunslinger (Pawn)
Silurid (Pawn)
Nurse (Pawn)
December Acolyte (Pawn)
Punk Zombie (Pawn)
Rotten Belle (Pawn)
Death Marshal (Pawn)
Guild Austringer (Pawn)
Razorspine Rattler (Pawn)
Executioner (Pawn)
Malifaux Cherub (Pawn)
Ronin (Pawn)


Puppet Wars Pawns 1

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Puppet Wars Pawns 3

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Game sales in the hobby channel continued to grow in the second quarter of 2011, according to a report recently released in ICv2's Internal Correspondence, although not at the same pace as the first quarter, when words like "spectacular" were widely used to describe the market.

Mass sales improved relative to Q1, with a revitalized Pokemon driving sales in that channel.

As reported by ICv2

Click on the 'Read more' link below to see the Top 10 Board Games (hobby channel) reflects sales in Q2 2011.  The charts are based on interviews with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.