Looney Labs has posted a lengthy explanation of the delay of its IceDice/Looney Pyramids game, which was slated to ship to retail in June.  The delay is due to testing procedures for the European Union, and as it stands right now, the game may not be sold in the EU.  The product initially passed inspection in its prototype stage, but the second time after 10,000 games had been manufactured and were awaiting shipment, the inspectors decided that it was in non-compliance with a “dangerous protruding parts” rule.
Although the IceDice game passed U.S. and Canadian standards for ages 6 and up, and had been assigned an age rating of 8+ on its packaging, Looney Labs then decided to reprint all the packaging and to change the age rating to “14+” as well as provide an extra admonition: “WARNING: This is NOT a toy for children.  The pieces are pointy and must be used responsibly.  Provide Adult Supervision.”
After the EU ruling the IceDice product was stuck in Hong Kong.  It couldn’t be sent back to mainland China and a labor shortage in Hong Kong has delayed the repackaging process, but Looney Labs reports that the repackaged IceDice game with “14+” age rating will ship to the U.S. in time for a September release (see “Our Looney Pyramids Testing Story'”).