ATG1410: Godsforge
MSRP: $34.95

In Godsforge, you are an elite spellcaster. You roll, re-roll, group, and combine dice whose results channel the crucial elements you need to summon creations and cast sorceries from your cards.

Stat Tracker

D&D Stat Trackers
MSRP: $60.00

Stat Trackers are a way for 5th edition GMs to track initiative and and have every stat they need for the monsters, player characters and npcs right at their fingertips .

The complete set of 417 Stat Trackers!

317 preprinted Monster Trackers featuring 201 official 5e monsters and 116 official animals / npcs, plus 50 blank Monster Trackers and 50 Character Trackers.

Printed on durable card stock and pre-scored for easy folding. You just fold them and place them over the GM screen in initiative order.

THE PLAYERS' SIDE has the names of all the combatants in initiative order.

THE GM'S SIDE has all the vital stats and information needed for every combatant involved. Each monster, player character and npc is completely presented for the GM's reference. No more juggling books or flipping through notes. Every stat, attack, special ability, etc. is there in a condensed, easy to use format.

This set come in a handy box with alphabetical tabs for easy filing of all your Stat Trackers.


83-72-60: Chaos Battletome - Hedonites of Slaanesh
MSRP: $40.00

Of all the evil forces in the realms, the Hedonites of Slaanesh take the most pleasure in the carnage they wreak…

Slaanesh may be imprisoned – but, with this battletome, his powers are yours to master. This 96-page hardback battletome is your complete guide to the armies of the Dark Prince. You'll discover dark lore that sheds light on Slaanesh – the Chaos God of excess and pleasure – and his dreaded hosts. From the relentless seekers to usurping pretenders, this book brings some of the most sinister corners of the Mortal Realms to life in fantastic detail, with stunning art, new lore and tantalising hints of what the future holds for the Dark Prince. Meanwhile, a number of warscroll battalions, three sets of allegiance abilities, magical spells, command traits, artefacts and more allow you to build deadly Slaanesh armies made up of daemons and mortals alike. What’s more, the book contains painting tips and different colour schemes to inspire your collection, as well as bespoke missions and Path to Glory rules that are perfect for organising your first battles with Slaanesh’s hosts.

This book contains:

- Allegiance abilities for Hedonites of Slaanesh, including a table of Battle Traits, a system for summoning Slaanesh Daemons, plus battle traits, command traits, and artefacts of power for the following Hosts: Invaders, Pretenders, and Godseekers
- Three Spell Lores: Lore of Slaanesh, Forbidden Sorceries of Slaanesh, and the Lore of Pain and Pleasure
- Path to Glory campaigns – rules for creating a Hedonites of Slaanesh warband for Path to Glory, including Champion Rewards Table, and Followers Rewards Tables
- Four Warscroll Battalions that reward you for fielding thematic combinations of models
- 18 unit warscrolls, 3 endless spell warscrolls and a warscroll for the Fane of Slaanesh, printed here for your convenience
- Pitched Battle Profiles for all units, endless spells, and the Fane of Slaanesh featured in this battletome, including minimum/maximum unit sizes, points values and battlefield roles

Tiny Towns

AEG 7053 - Tiny Towns

MSRP 39.99

2 to 6 players compete to build the most amazing Town. Each turn the “Master Builder” determines which resource will be produced, and all the players gain one unit of that resource. Players can decide to use their resources to construct buildings according to the construction cards in play. Choose carefully! Where you build, and what you build will determine how dense your Town will be and how many points it will score! At the end of the turn, a new player becomes Master Builder. Play continues until every player’s Town is at max density, and then each Town is scored to determine the winner.

Want to see how the game is played? Join us on our YouTube channel this Sunday (5/5/18) for our First Play !!

Naga Raja

ASM NAG01 - Naga Raja

MSRP 39.95

In India, the twin temples of two forgotten deities containing ancient relics have just been discovered. To capture these treasures, you will have to cross a maze in perpetual movement and face your long-time rival.... But beware, putting together the three cursed relics of evil Garuda would be fatal for you!

Each player walks through his temple, provided with places for slabs and caches for 9 sacred and cursed relics. These relics are placed randomly, face down, around the temples and earn victory points if they are turned face up.

The first player to reach 25 victory points wins the game, but a player loses the game if he reveals his 3 cursed relics!

Each round, players compete to win a new slab using cards to throw the fate sticks. The player with the most destiny points on his sticks places the slab in his temple. Each player tries to create paths that lead to his relics, in order to flip them over and get victory points.