PSG STRP - Startropolis

MSRP $49.99

Startropolis is a modular 3D model space station game for 2-4 players. This fast-paced, family friendly board game is at once competitive and cooperative! Players collectively build the space station, but by connecting module in ways that benefit themselves at the expense of others. Each turn players buy a module and connect it, thus earning them more revenue. Though easy to learn, the tactics are endless!

Playing Startropolis is easy. Each round takes place over three phases.


There are 6 different types of modules in Startropolis and each one earns revenue in a different way. Players take turns purchasing modules form the construction track.


In reverse turn order, each player attaches their module to the communal space station. As modules are attached, every affected player should adjust their income track. That's right, when you attach a module in Startropolis, it not only can effect your earning potential, but your opponents as well.


Each player collects their income based on their attached modules. then, a new player order is determined and a new round begins!


Sorcerer City

SKY 3770 - Sorcerer City

MSRP $60.00

Every year, Sorcerer City gets built and rebuilt in magically new ways, with blocks moving and rotating in crazy directions. You and your fellow players are rival wizard architects in charge of building the same city district over five years, expanding it and rebuilding it to gain the most money, influence, magic, and victory. Unfortunately, Sorcerer City has a bit of a monster problem, so you must work hard to mitigate the effects of marauding creatures who attack your city district. The wizard architect with the most victory points at the end of five years will be crowned the new head wizard of all of Sorcerer City.

Falling Star

WZK 73925 - D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Miniatures: Falling Star

MSRP $149.99

This unpainted miniature of colossal stature and tremendous detail stands a whopping 17.2" tall, 33" long, and 6.4" wide (12.6" wide at the masts!) and has a myriad of features!

This feature rich ship includes multiple standalone deck tiles allowing players to fight on the deck or in the dark underbelly of the ship, ladders and stairs miniature bases can seat in, magnetized removable masts, and even functional hatches on the sides of the ships for you to fire upon your enemies! Additionally, the deck tiles are reversible, with or without grid lines, to allow for whichever way you play or wish to display this premium show piece.

Perfect for aquatic adventures, one shot side quests, or even taking on the godlike kraken, the Falling Star Sailing Ship is sure to bring marvelous excitement to your tabletop!


Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game - Smaug

MSRP $560.00

Smaug is a Fire-drake hailing from the mountains far to the north, and it is doubtless that he is the largest and most powerful of his kind left in Middle-earth. His greed led him to covet the great wealth of Erebor for himself, and so he took wing, caring not that in order to claim his prize he had to assail the greatest kingdom of Durin's folk. So were Erebor and the neighbouring Dale, City of Men laid to ruin, and the survivors forced to flee their ancestral homes.

Smaug is built upon a stunningly detailed scenic base that depicts the vast treasures of Erebor. The Arkenstone and The One Ring can both clearly be seen amongst the gems and gold as Smaug looms over the would-be burglar Bilbo Baggins.


NSG 532 - Oceans Deluxe

MSRP $84.99

Two years in the making, Oceans is a 2-4 player strategy game in the Evolution game series. Enter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysterious interconnected world of sharp teeth, glowing eyes, and black ink, where your survival depends on your ability to adapt to the unknown.

The foundation of the oceanic food chain are billions of one-celled organisms that capture the sun's energy through photosynthesis. Every other oceanic species is a predator, each bigger than the next, all the way up to the dreaded apex predator. And even bigger than apex preda