Naga Raja

ASM NAG01 - Naga Raja

MSRP 39.95

In India, the twin temples of two forgotten deities containing ancient relics have just been discovered. To capture these treasures, you will have to cross a maze in perpetual movement and face your long-time rival.... But beware, putting together the three cursed relics of evil Garuda would be fatal for you!

Each player walks through his temple, provided with places for slabs and caches for 9 sacred and cursed relics. These relics are placed randomly, face down, around the temples and earn victory points if they are turned face up.

The first player to reach 25 victory points wins the game, but a player loses the game if he reveals his 3 cursed relics!

Each round, players compete to win a new slab using cards to throw the fate sticks. The player with the most destiny points on his sticks places the slab in his temple. Each player tries to create paths that lead to his relics, in order to flip them over and get victory points.