Hate 2

HATE Tyrant Pledge

MSRP- $120.00

Based on the "Chronicles of HATE" graphic novel by acclaimed artist Adrian Smith, HATE is a board game of brutal combat and conquest in a desolate world of savage warriors. Created by the same design team who brought you the Zombicide series, under the supervision of Eric Lang, HATE combines the gruesome artwork of Adrian Smith with exquisitely sculpted miniatures to immerse you in a universe of cruel survival by any means.

Take control of your tribe and lead them in battle against your opponents. Each battle pits two tribes controlled by different players, clashing against each other to achieve objectives, massacre the enemy, and reap rewards from blood and land. As the Chronicle unfolds, players engage each other in numerous clashes in an effort to defend or conquer territories, trying to be the ultimate Tyrant and rule the wastes of the world. While the HATE core box initially allowed for up to 4 players to fight through a Chronicle together, more tribes have since been unlocked allowing the game to expand to up to 6 players.


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Mother of Prophecy

MSRP- 25.00

The Mother Prophecy comes with 4 new Scenarios, one for each of the new Mercenaries it contains. Each of these Scenarios is centered around finding a way to get one of these epic characters into your tribe. Picking one of these scenarios to play is not for anybody, though. The attacker needs to be proven worthy of the challenge so they can pick one of these special Scenarios. In order to engage the Mother scenario, you must have harvested life by accumulating 20 Resources in the Chronicle. For the Moon Champion scenario you must have proven your strength by winning 3 battles in a row. For the Flaya scenario you must ascend as a leader by having 2 Mercenaries in your tribe. And for the Twins scenario you must have grasped for power by attacking the capital while having at least 15 Resource and Hate accumulated. Each scenario presents the attacker with a mission they must fulfill if they hope to add the special Mercenary to their tribe.

This expansion box will contain:

4 Large Figures (one of them REALLY large)
4 Figure Cards
20 Special Cards
2 Scenario Dashboards
1 Rules Leaflet


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Battlegrounds of Hate

MSRP- 25.00

The "Battlegrounds of HATE" Optional Buy gives you everything you need to run a 3rd simultaneous battle in your HATE chronicle. HATE is a game for up to 6 players to share in the chronicle, made up of mainly 1vs1 battles. So if you want to run the ultimate get-together, you'll want to be able to run 3 separate battles at the same time. We've already included a 2nd set of components in the base pledge to allow backers to play 2 consecutive battles. Now the Battlegrounds of HATE expansion give you the chance to add a full 3rd battle to your lineup.

This expansion comes with:

  • 1 Game Board
  • 12 Plateau Tiles
  • 10 Hut Tiles
  • 8 Tree Tiles
  • 100 Plastic Tokens
  • 6 Black Dice
  • 5 Scenario Dashboards


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The Tribe of Vore Nash

MSRP- $25.00

The The Tribe of Vore Nash optional Buy gives you the full Tribe of Vore Nash. These dragon-people known as the Shaktaar are highly sofisticated hunters that will bring whole new strategies to the game!

The Tribe of Vore Nash Optional Buy comes with:

11 Highly Detailed Miniatures
11 Figure Cards
8 Tribe Cards
6 Transparent Upgrade Cards
1 Counter Base for the oversized Champion
10 Bait Tokens


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Tribe of Um'Tull

MSRP- $25.00

The Tribe of Um'Tull, optional Buy gives you the full Tribe of Um'Tull. This brand new tribe brings its own unique miniatures and abilities to the fray, further enriching your gameplay experience. With this new tribe, and with the Um'Gorr tribe very close to being fully unlocked for all backers, it becomes possible for 6 players to take part in the same epic Chronicle. 6 tribes come in, but only one will emerge victorious!

The Tribe of Um'Tull Optional Buy comes with:

  • 11 Highly Detailed Miniatures
  • 11 Figure Cards
  • 8 Tribe Cards
  • 6 Transparent Upgrade Cards


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Tribe of Sarrassa

MSRP - $25.00

The Tribe of Sarrassa optional Buy gives you the full Tribe of Sarrassa. This tribe composed of the sentient fungus creatures known as Garrics is very different from anything else in the world of HATE!

The Tribe of Sarrassa Optional Buy comes with:

  • 11 Highly Detailed Miniatures 
  • 11 Figure Cards 
  • 8 Tribe Cards 
  • 6 Transparent Upgrade Cards 
  • 1 Counter Base for the oversized Champion


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Hate- Terrain Pieces

MSRP - $13.00- $20.00