PTG CW-F6 - Cthulhu Wars Ancients Faction

MSRP - 50.00

A new human Faction for Cthulhu Wars. Includes 6 unique Acolytes, 3 Un-Men (plasma criminals), 3 Reanimated (atom-powered zombies), and 3 Yothans (gigantic underground reptiles). Includes 4 cathedrals; 19 total figures, and 3mm die cut Faction Card.



Masks of

PTG CW-U10 - Cthulhu Wars Masks Of Nyarlathotep

MSRP - $40.00

The multiplicity of the Crawling Chaos! Contains 9 Dark Demon figures (one per Faction), the Shadow Pharaoh, the Bloated Woman, and the Haunter of the Dark!


Beyond time

PTG CW-U11 - Cthulhu Wars Beyond Time and Space

MSRP - $25.00

More monsters and a terror! Includes 4 wamps, 2 vooniths, and the dread hound of Tindalos!