Heroes Welcome

PFX900: Heroes Welcome - Merchants of Dragon Reach
MSRP: $49.99

Welcome to Dragon Reach...
...the bustling new frontier settlement in the Realm of Smiteros. The zone portals have just opened, and as we speak the first heroes are braving the Dungeon in search of fame, glory, and level-ups. Besieged monsters lurk on the outskirts of town looking for opportunities to gear themselves up against their new foes. For you, this means only one thing: PROFIT!

Heroes Welcome 2

Master the Art of the Swindle
You've got limited time to make as many Vorpal Pieces (VPs) as you can before the Heroes battle the Boss and move on to the next town.

Heroes Welcome 3

Trash the Treasures, then earn Cash from the Trash. Buy magic items and gems from the Heroes. Smash them into raw materials! Use those materials to craft powerful Artifacts to sell to the dungeon's inhabitants.
Get 'em Coming and Going. Spend your gold buying loot from the Heroes, then get your gold back by selling them potions and other useless crap.
Scam to your Advantage. Use Scam cards like Bait and Switch and Sleight of Hand to manipulate the market and get an edge over your opponents.
Make your Mark. Level up your Crafting Mastery and specialize in specific crafting materials for maximum prestige and profit.

Heroes Welcome is a 60-90 minute game for 2-5 players, aged 14 and up.