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Space Gate Odyssey

ASM LUSG01: Space Gate Odyssey
MSRP: $59.99

After decades of research and technological development, humanity is about to leave Earth. A system of six viable Exoplanets has been identified. To get there only one means of transport is possible: the space gates. For reasons related to physics and other quantum aspects these portals can only be built in space.

The Confederations have therefore embarked on the construction of their own base in orbit equipped with space gates. You are the leader of one of these Confederations and play your influence in the Odyssey command station to send as many of your settlers as possible to these Exoplanets.

The most influential Confederation will take control of this new system and will hold the future of Humanity in its hands.


Space Gate Odyssey 2

Goal of the game

Optimize the construction of your space base: the choice of modules, their layout, the distance between the airlock and the portal are essential elements.

Maximize the sending of settlers to the most favorable sites of the Exoplanets and thus gain a maximum of Influence points.

Be careful not to leave too many open corridors on the space void: this is a real danger for your Colons and could therefore damage your reputation.

The most influential player at the end of the game is promoted to the rank of Governor of the exoplanets system and is declared the winner.