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the fantasy trip

SJG 3450: The Fantasy Trip - Legacy Edition
MSRP: $119.95

Old-school roleplaying at its dungeon-crawling finest. The Fantasy Trip is easy to learn and fast to play – but it's been out of print for almost 40 years. Now it's back!

This set includes:

Two complete mini-games: Melee for fighter combat, Wizard for sorcerous contests. Combine them for all-out battle! Each mini-game contains its own rules, maps, counters, and three dice.
Two solo adventures, Death Test and Death Test 2, with more game counters.
The 176-page roleplaying rulebook, In The Labyrinth.
A 24-page combat adventure, Tollenkar's Lair, with full-color dungeon map.
Poster-sized color maps of the Duchy of Dran and the village of Bendwyn.
Over 30 two-sided erasable hex and megahex tiles for playing out your encounters.
4-panel reference screen with lists, tables, and Useful Stuff.
And more! Pre-generated fighter cards. Two extra dice. Pads of blank character sheets. A whole extra, different labyrinth map. And a 14-hex dragon!