The Maze of Games (2nd Edition)

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The Maze of Games (2nd Edition)

Authored by Mike Selinker with illustrations by Peter Venters, The Maze of Games is a full-length, interactive novel filled with dozens of puzzles and a deeply engaging story, all woven together in a 'solve your own adventure' style which will keep you jumping from page to page. Set in England in 1897, The Maze of Games follows teenagers Colleen and Samuel Quaice during a visit to the Upper Wolverhampton Library, where they discover a musty book called "The Maze of Games". This summons a mysterious skeletal guardian named the Gatekeeper, who plunges them into a series of dangerous mazes rife with monsters and bizarre puzzles. Only by solving their way through the mazes will the Quaice children find their way home.

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Super Munchkin: Lar deSouza Edition

Fly through the city. Smash the villains. Backstab your teammates and grab their gadgets. Reach level ten and win! Strap on your Utility Girdle and use the power of Flames or your Goopflinger to face off against Professor Polar and The Cowl! But, watch out for The Fandom Menace and Retroactive Continuity! Be a Mutant, an Exotic, a Mystic, or a Techno. Get bonuses from a Plot Device, the Telezapinator, some Heroic Angst, or the (jet-powered) Pogo Stick.

Battle dastardly masterminds, devastating monsters, and invading aliens from the next dimension - from the wimpy Bucketman all the way up to the Big Ol' Planet Eater Guy himself! Super Munchkin Guest Artist Edition gives you all the super-silly crime-fighting chaos from Super Munchkin with new art by Lar deSouza, the co-creator of the Shuster Award-winning comics Least I Could Do and Looking For Group.

Super Munchkin: Guest Artist Edition (Lar deSouza)

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Player's Guide to Vathak: Pathfinder Edition

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Shadows over Vathak: Player's Guide to Vathak (Pathfinder Edition)

Welcome to Shadows over Valthak, a realm where the abominations known as the Old Ones seek to destroy humanity. It is a world of darkness and despair, where even the light of the One True God is often corrupted and twisted to serve sinister ends. As players, your characters fight to survive in a land threatened with destruction by the rise of the ancient and evil Old Ones and their spawn. Your characters may represent points of light in the darkness - or give in to dark temptations. Most will fall somewhere in-between - survivors struggling to eke out another day.

Included in the Shadows over Vathak Player's Guide you'll find a thorough introduction to the world of Vathak, a land and people struggling against ancient evils, plus suggestions and setting-specific mechanics to help you create and play characters, as well as rules and options for the nine playable races of Vathak, from the tribal bhriota to twisted cambions and ghostly hauntlings.

Pathfinder Battles: Crown of Fangs

From fearsome skeletons, Red Mantis Assassins, and Grey Maidens, to monstrous giants and rare 'dungeon dressing' inserts, Crown of Fangs provides a legion of high-utility monsters and heroes suitable for any fantasy roleplaying campaign.

An unofficial companion to Paizo's popular Curse of the Crimson Throne Adventure Path, the Crown of Fangs set includes many key NPCs, factions, and creature types encountered in that classic Pathfinder campaign.

This 52-figure Pathfinder Battles expansion is offered in 8-count booster bricks.

Pathfinder Battles: Crown of Fangs Booster Brick (8)

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An elegant, trick-taking, map-building card game set in feudal Japan, players in Honshu portray lords and ladies of noble houses seeking to expand their holdings through thoughtful timing, smart tactical choices, and creative tableau building.

One game of Honshu lasts twelve rounds, and each round is divided into two phases.

First, map cards are played in a trick, and the player who played the highest valued card gets to pick first from those cards played. Then the players use the map cards picked to expand their personal maps. Each player must expand their personal maps to maximize their scoring possibilities.

Manipulating your position in the player order is crucial for mastering Honshu.

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