The Sanctum of Twilight Expansion for Mansions of Madness Is Now Available

“Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places… But the true epicure of the terrible, to whom a new thrill of unutterable ghastliness is the chief end and justification of existence, esteem most of all the ancient, lonely farmhouses of backwoods New England.”
  –H.P. Lovecraft, “The Picture in the House”

Evil threatens Arkham from within with the approach of the Twilight Fair. The organization behind the festival, the powerful Order of the Silver Twilight, controls the city from the shadows, using their money and influence to forge alliances, lobby politicians, and conduct strange rituals behind closed doors. Those who seek out the truth of their operations often find themselves disgraced, arrested, or simply disappearing altogether. What is the Order trying to hide?

The Sanctum of Twilight expansion for Mansions of Madness is on sale now in our shop!

The Final Force Pack Is Now Available for Star Wars: The Card Game

“Lord Vader has sent me in his place.”
–The Fifth Brother, Star Wars: Rebels

The galactic battles of Star Wars™: The Card Game have been played out on countless tabletops, transporting players to a galaxy far, far away. You have fought with both the light side and the dark. You’ve learned the ways of the Force, mobilized soldiers and massive navies, and plunged into the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy. Now, your adventures with Star Wars: The Card Game can continue, though the game itself will be complete. Promise of Power, the final Force Pack for Star Wars: The Card Game, is now available in our shop!

As the conclusion of the Alliances cycle, Promise of Power brings many of the themes of the cycle to their triumphant conclusion. Among its cards, you’ll find a thematic dive into the climatic end of Star Wars: Rebels Season 2, support for your Imperial Fighters, and reasons for you to bring multiple factions together in a single deck. With recognizable characters like the Inquisitors and Ezra Bridger to add to your decks, every Star Wars: The Card Game player will find new objective sets to enjoy in this Force Pack.

Realms of Terrinoth Is Available Now for Genesys Roleplaying

Terrinoth is a land of danger and decay, of lost legacies and forgotten glory. Devastated by the undead army of Waiqar, demon-possessed hordes of Uthuk Y’llan, and the terrifying dragons of the Molten Heath, Terrinoth has suffered from despair and destruction for hundreds of years. But in the depths of this despair, heroes await. Bold adventurers are ready to reclaim lost glory and take their place in a new age of heroes.

Realms of Terrinoth, a new sourcebook for the Genesys Roleplaying System is now available to purchase in our shop.

Realms of Terrinoth is a book meant to spark your imagination as a Game Master running a game in the fantasy setting of Mennara. Realms of Terrinoth includes a full history of the land of Mennara, with an overview of its various regions and a breakdown of the enthralling NPCs that can be found there. Even beyond the rich fantasy trappings, you can look for new mechanics like Heroic Abilities and a slew of new talents, weapons, and more. These new mechanics stem from the world of Terrinoth, but they can be expanded to any fantasy setting that you imagine. Use Realms of Terrinoth to run a campaign in the world of Mennara, or as a source of inspiration for your own setting. With Genesys, the choice is always yours. 

The lost island of Dokmus has been found! It's the birthplace of both your tribe, and Dokmus, your ancient god.

As the most experienced warrior of your tribe, you have been chosen to lead an expedition to the island. You have to be quick, cunning and strong; the other tribes will also send their expeditions to the island. You must do whatever it takes to gain the favor of Dokmus for your tribe, for it guarantees plentiful harvests, safe travels, and healthy offspring.

The island is protected by the Guardians of Dokmus. They maintain peace on the island, and will also grant their assistance to anyone who asks. Knowing what to ask for can be the difference between success and failure. Choose wisely, bring glory to your tribe, and your name will be sung forever!

Choose your Guardian, make the right sacrifices, and gain the favor of Dokmus!

One of the original guardians of the island of Dokmus, Erefel was tasked with guiding expeditions through the stormy waters and revealing the way into the dark forests. But he neglected his charge, leading to the expedition's suffering. As punishment, Erefel was banished from the island! To make amends for his transgressions and return to Dokmus, Erefel spent many years trying to find ways to make life easier for the worshippers arriving to the island. In his travels, he discovered a more advanced culture, which had developed roads that would survive even the harsh conditions of the island.

An expansion for Dokmus, Return of Erefelan introduces a new Guardian offering an extra power choice during drafting, plus new, shifting map tiles and scenarios.


RGS 00598

SRP: $40.00

Dokmus: Return of Erefelan

RGS 00803

SRP: $25.00

Endless Pass

The Endless Pass is where players fight the scaly Endless to gain glory. The Pass is also filled with weapons and runes to aid in defeating Endless, as well as healing yourself. Combined with your action cards like Attack, Defend, Evade, Steal, and Hide you have more ways to defeat, evade, or defend against the Endless.

Endless Pass

WZK 73286

SRP: $24.99

2-6 Players

30+ Minutes

Ages 14+

However, whatever Endless are not defeated, continue to plague the other Vikings as they walk the Pass!

You may also battle the other Vikings. After all, you are fighting for glory and a place in Valhalla.

The last Viking standing or the first to acquire 10 Glory, while surviving the turn, will win the game. If none of the players survive, then the player with most Glory will be declared the Conqueror in Valhalla.

Eternal glory and Valhalla await!