The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Black Serpent


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The Lord of the Rings LCG: The Black Serpent Adventure Pack

Hundreds of miles from home. Stranded in enemy territory. Outnumbered. Short on supplies. It's time to be a hero! When the heroes come across an opportunity to strike against a caravan of Haradrim carrying tributes to the Dark Lord of Mordor, they hesitate only long enough to devise a plan. When the caravan camps inside the walls of a dilapidated desert fortress, the heroes and their allies will launch their ambush. But will their tactics prove sound enough to account for the caravan's greater numbers?

In addition to the new scenario, The Black Serpent, The fourth Adventure Pack in the Haradrim Cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, introduces a new Spirit hero, new support for the game's side quests, and a number of player cards that support a variety of traits.

Runebound: Unbreakable Bonds

You've spent your life tramping across the fields of Terrinoth, facing danger time and again, testing your skills in battle against terrifying monsters, and living a life of unchecked adventure. You never know what you may discover beyond the horizon - a towering range of mountains, the lair of an evil beast, or the sun reflecting from the walls of one of the Free Cities. Yet, throughout your travels, there's always been a feeling of competition with other adventurers, driving you to fight harder and move faster than another so-called 'hero'. Just maybe you'd prefer to work and fight together, once in a while?

Experience adventuring in an entirely new way with Unbreakable Bonds, introducing cooperative and solo play for Runebound. Whether you strike out on your own, join a party of heroes, or face off against your rivals, Unbreakable Bonds offers a completely new take on the game of Runebound.

With a robust combat system to control the monsters, two new heroes, five cooperative / solo scenarios, and a wealth of new asset and skill cards, Unbreakable Bonds pushes the borders of Terrinoth further than ever and leads you into new adventures with every game.

Runebound Third Edition: Unbreakable Bonds Expansion


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Street Fighter CCG: Chun Li vs. Ryu

Who do you think would win in a fight between Scorpion and Ryu? Mega Man and Spike Spiegel? It's time to stop wondering and find out for yourself with UFS: The Universal Fighting System!

Jasco's ever-expanding card game pits the world's best fighters and characters against one another in a fight for ultimate glory and to finally settle the dispute of who would win in battle. Design a deck around your favorite character, master your strategies, and prepare to fight!

Street Fighter CCG: Chun Li vs. Ryu 2-Player Starter

This 2-player Starter for the Street Fighter Collectible Card Game pits Chun Li against Ryu - straight out of the box and ready to fight!


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Street Fighter CCG Booster Display

Use these booster packs to train any fighter in the Universal Fighting System and take another step towards becoming the ultimate universal fighter! 10-cards / 24-packs.


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The Fox in the Forest

The Fox in the Forest is a trick-taking game where players utilize the special abilities of the Fairy Tale characters to change the trump suit and even take the lead after you lose a trick.

The beautiful illustrations of the unique characters will help you quickly analyze your options.

Score points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but don't get greedy! Win too many tricks, and you'll fall like the villain in so many fairy tales!

The Fox in the Forest

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Mindjammer: Traveller Edition

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Mindjammer: Traveller Edition

Never has there been a greater time of opportunity. The universe is in flux, and for the first time in ten-thousand years no one knows what the future will bring. Charge your blaster, thoughtcast your orders to the starship sentience, and fire up the planing engines. Come and defend the light of humanity's greatest civilization as it spreads to the stars! Mindjammer - Transhuman Adventure in the Second Age of Space, the ENnie Award-winning transhuman science-fiction RPG setting, returns in a brand-new edition for use with the Traveller roleplaying game.