Good & Bad Ghosts

ASM KK1803 - Good & Bad Ghosts

MSRP $19.98

In Good & Bad Ghosts, each player has 4 good and 4 bad plastic ghosts. The ghosts all look the same except for a small marker on their backs, so players never know what is standing in front of them! Player’s will try to capture their opponents good ghosts while tricking them into capturing their own bad ghosts. Ambitious thinking, tactics, and “super natural powers” are all it takes to win in the game of God & Bad Ghosts!


ASM LGTN01 - Logiktown

MSRP $24.99

Help people and pets find their homes. Who lives together? In which house? Who are their neighbors?

Each puzzle has only one solution. The puzzles can be solved using hints that are made up of 7 symbols. But remember - no two people or pets can live in the same house!

Logiktown is an easy-to-follow brain teaser that will help your kids develop their thinking skills. A multi-challge game with over 80 puzzle cards in different levels of difficulty.

84 Cards
5 Plastic Houses
10 Plastic Figures (5 People & 5 Pets)
1 Game Manual


Robit Riddle

ATG BGG10001 - Robit Riddle: Storybook Adventures

MSRP $45.00

In a world where robots are the only life forms, something nefarious is afoot in Tink Town: every pet robit is missing. Inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books and featuring amazing art from John Ariosa (Mice and Mystics), Robit Riddle takes you on a journey through the eyes of your robot. Tell interesting tales while following along in the storybooks to create an immersive narrative that keeps you guessing.



COL ASC001 - Airship City

MSRP $39.99

Airship City is a new metropolis high above the ground. By building massive airships, people have created a new floating utopia. But as a new city, it lacks many resources common to ground-based urban areas. It’s up to the high-flying engineers to create these vital buildings. In the end, one will be hailed as the most honored city-builder of them all.

In Airship City, players take on the role of engineers crafting new airships to add to the city’s infrastructure. They will travel around the tiled grid, collecting resources in order to build the ships back in their warehouse. Once completed, they can be sold for money, which is then used to upgrade their workshops, or donated to the city which create goodwill with the citizens. The engineer with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.


Masters of Renaissance

ASM REN001 - Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico – The Card Game

MSRP $49.99

Masters of the Renaissance is a new engine building game that recreates the atmosphere of Lorenzo il Magnifico with simple rules and a limited duration.

On your turn you may acquire a development card, take resources from the market or activate development cards on your board. Each development card allow you to transform resources by moving them from your limited depots to the unlimited bank space; in this way you may accumulate many resource to acquire the most powerful cards.

As in Lorenzo you will have to follow the requests of your leaders to have access to their interested powers.