Magic: Standard Series Saturdays

18 Feb 2017 15:00 – 20:00
Repeats weekly, until 22 Apr 2017
Location: Little Shop of Magic, 8665 West Flamingo Road, #2000, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Category: Magic: the Gathering

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Magic: Standard Series Saturdays

What Happens Here?

Are you ready to play the best format of Magic: The Gathering on the best day of the week? Well so are your fellow planeswalkers! This is a new series of events ment to excite players new and old about the current standard format. Each Saturday from Febuary 18th to April 8th at 3:00pm we'll fire a ranked Standard tournament. Play, trade, test new brews, smash your friends, and have some fun.

What is the Format?

The format is Standard with swiss pairings.

What is the Entry Fee?

This event is FREE!

What are the Prizes?

Each player will get a randomly selected, standard legal, promo card at the end of the event.

In addition, like all of our standard events between Feb. 13th and April 16th, this event will earn you stamps on your Standard Series Card*.

*Prizes for this Standard Series won't be abalible for pick up untill late march. All promos you earn will be given to you soon as they arrive.

What's this about Standard Series Cards?


Each and every Standard event you attend will earn you a stamp on one of these cards!!!


Everytime you earn yourself 6 stamps (attend 6 standard events) you'll get one of these special rare land promo cards.


(Prairie Stream, Sunken Hollow, Smoldering Marsh, Cinder Glade and Canopy Vista,
using normal frame but Masterpiece Series art!)

We'll also be giving away three EXCLUSIVE playmats featuring, yet to be determined art, from the new Amonkhet set.
(details on how to win them will be revealed at a later date.)

What do I Need to Bring?

You will need to bring a standard legal deck, your DCI number* and any dice, tokens and counters you want to use.

*Don't have a DCI number? We can set you up with one on the day of the event, just ask an employee at the checkout!

What Cards are Banned?

Emrakul, the Promised End is banned.

Smuggler's Copter is banned.

Reflector Mage is banned.


What is "Standard"?

The Standard format uses only the newest sets the game has to offer. The current block, the block that was released the previous October, and the most recent core set are all legal to play in a Standard deck. As you can tell from the name, Standard is the most commonly played format. Standard events are available year round at retailers and tournament venues worldwide, offering new players a great opportunity to enjoy a tournament setting with the cards they've recently purchased.

How do I construct a Standard Deck?

Constructed decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance. If a player wishes to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards.

With the exception of basic land cards, a player'€™s combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card, counted by its English card title equivalent. All cards named Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest are basic

What is Magic: the Gathering?

In the Magic game, you play the role of a planeswalker aƒ powerful wizard who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of cards represents all the weapons in your arsenal. It contains the spells you know and the creatures you can summon to fight for you.

Trading card games like the Magic: The Gathering TCG combine collectable cards with a strategy game. You don't know what you'll get in a Magic booster pack. You just start a collection and trade with other players to get the cards you want.

The best part about a trading card game is that it's always changing. You design and build your own unique decks, and each Magic game you play is different. New Magic expansions are released a few times a year, and each new expansion brings new ways to stupefy and defeat your opponents.