Battletech: Game Night

Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019 18:00 – 20:30
Repeats weekly, until 31 Mar 2019
Location: Little Shop of Magic, 8665 West Flamingo Road, #2000, Las Vegas, Nevada
Category: Miniature Games

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Classic Battletech: Game Night

What Happens Here?

Stomp your way to glory in the original game of giant robot combat! This is a regularly scheduled game session for Catalyst Games' Classic Battletech.

Battletech PromoWhat Is The Format?

This is a casual, open-play event.

Is There An Entry Fee?

Nope! This event is free to play in.

Are There Any Prizes?

No, since this is a casual event, there are no prizes.

What Do I Need To Bring?

Players are not required to bring anything, but they are encouraged to bring their own Mechs, dice, and tokens.

What Is Classic Battletech?

Classic BattleTech is a table-top wargame set in the fictional BattleTech universe that simulates combat between futuristic mechanized forces.

Turn-based, multiplayer, and typically played on a map divided into hexagonal grids with figurines or counters representing military units. Paper record sheets provide detailed information about each unit, including its armament, armor and equipment, and are used to track damage, heat buildup, ammunition and various other data. Players use two six-sided dice to determine variable results, such as whether a shot strikes its target and the location it hits.

Of the units represented in the game, the most common are BattleMechs, also known as 'Mechs, large, semi-humanoid fighting machines controlled by human pilots. While pre-designed 'Mechs, vehicles and other military units are provided with the game, a complex system of design rules allows players to create their own custom units even in the introductory boxed set.