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Team Yankee

Team Yankee

Battlefront, famed for their award-winning game Flames Of War, is about to release Team Yankee, a game set in 1985 as the Soviet Union opens the Third World War by invading West Germany. Designer Phil Yates tells us about this new game.

Team Yankee is a book written by Harold Coyle in 1987 about a fictitious Soviet attack into Germany from the viewpoint of Captain Bannon commanding Team Yankee, an Armour-heavy Combat Team in the US Army. It’s also a stand-alone game being released by Battlefront.

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Team Yankee: Kampfgruppe Muller
Contains five plastic Leopard 2 Tanks, two plastic BO-105P Helicopters, five resin tank commander fi..
$80.00 $72.00
Team Yankee: Leopard - West Germans in World War III
Leopard – West Germans in World War III is the first supplement for Team Yankee, the World War..
$20.00 $18.00
Team Yankee Rulebook
Team Yankee, a heavy combat team of M1 Abrams tanks and M113 armoured personnel carriers, faces a So..
$25.00 $22.50
Team Yankee: Bannon's Boys - American Spearhead Force
Contains five plastic M1 Abrams Tanks, two plastic AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopters, five resin tank co..
$90.00 $81.00
Team Yankee: Potecknov's Bears - Soviet Breakthrough Force
Contains nine plastic T-72 Tanks, two plastic Mi-24 Hind Attack Helicopters, two plastic tank comman..
$120.00 $108.00