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Halo Ground Command

Halo Ground Command

Halo: Ground Command gives you the tools to play out epic battles on Reach between stalwart soldiers of the UNSC and the merciless legions of the alien Covenant. Cities will fall, heroes will rise, and destiny forged in battles that are yours to plan, direct, and implement on the tabletop. From massive tank engagements at Szurdok Ridge to small groups of Spartans deployed in defense of New Alexandria, you are in control, making life-and-death decisions as a UNSC commander charged with the safety of this critical planet. Or take the role of an alien invader, leading the Covenant invasion force as a field marshal ordered to exterminate humanity, at any cost. The Covenant are on Reach! Your troops await their orders!

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Halo Ground Command: Fall of Reach 2 Player Box
Halo: Ground Command, the latest game to be set in the Halo universe. Using highly detailed 1/100th ..
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