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Firestorm Planetfall

Firestorm Planetfall

In this deadly, hard sci-fi setting, hordes of futuristic tanks, agile aircraft and hulking mech-walkers tear each other asunder with high-powered weaponry. Lasers burn across the tabletop, rail-gun slugs smash through armoured hulls and advanced cyber-warfare weapons hack through vital systems – the war zones of the distant future are no place for the faint hearted.

Firestorm Planetfall puts you in the role of a Grand Commander, orchestrating the manoeuvres of your chosen army. Each of your Battle Groups will contain several Helixes of stunningly-detailed 10mm scale miniatures, ranging from towering Leviathans to numerous bases of Infantry, all prepared to fight to the last under your command.
Your planetary invasion force will be formed of troops from one of the six core races, who in turn belong to one of two sides: the Zenian League or Alliance of Kurak, vast Alliances currently fighting for dominance of the Galactic sector. Each of the six races has its own complex motivations within the conflict, as well as entirely unique vehicles and distinct ways of fighting their battles.

You will even have the opportunity to supplement your force with Helixes from other races within your alliances, offsetting your troops' weaknesses, bringing new and dangerous technologies to the field and allowing for an enormous variety of tactics. These include the Terquai, Works Raptor, Hawker Industries, Rense System Navy (RSN), Veydreth and

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