MtG Buy Center


We are now purchasing select Magic: the Gathering singles and sealed product: stop by our store today for a quote.

Walk-in quotes: normal purchasing hours are Monday through Friday from 12pm to 5pm. Based on workload, we may decline a purchase offer outside of these hours or if your trade-in amount is below $10: please see appointment/drop-off options below.

Appointments or drop-offs: Purchase offers numbering 25 cards or more are considered by appointment or drop-off only. In the event of a drop-off, we will contact you as soon as we have a moment to look through your collection (usually within 2 to 4 business days).

Appraisals: If you would like to have your collection valued, we offer appraisal services at the rate of $9 per hour. A minimum deposit of 2 hours is required to initiate the appraisal process: unused portions of the deposit will be refunded. 

Documentation: a valid photo I.D. is required to complete purchase offers.

Payment: all trade offers paid in the form of Dragon's Dough cards, issued on day of trade. All cash offers paid in the form of company check, mailed to the payee within two business days of transaction.

Internet customers: please contact us before submitting cards for sale.