Niall and Buddy Jake open up one of the new Age of Sigmar Starter sets. It's full of miniatures, dice, books, and those measuring sticks that you just hit opponent with, or was that just us?

Jake and Niall give their thoughts on Warhammer Age of Sigmar, the new miniatures game from Games Workshop that is replacing Warhammer Fantasy. They also give some ideas for potential army lists (since, after all, there are no rules for army construction any more).

Jake and Niall take a look at the new ships (and some not-so-new) for Star Wars X-Wing from Fantasy Flight Games.

Jake, Niall, and Ryan attended GAMA Trade Show here in fabulous Las Vegas, NV. Watch the video for a quick recap of their exploits and:

  • A glance at the awesome prize support coming for our Dropzone Commander organized play
  • An overview of the game play for the upcoming CHEW game
  • A look at the incredible miniatures coming in 2015 for Star Wars: Armada and X-Wing
  • An interview with FFG's Anton Torres
  • A showcase of Game's Workshop's beautifully painted models
And much more: check it out!



In this episode of Readiness Report, Nolan, Jacob, and Niall test out the new Nagash by throwing him and his undead horde against the levy of Sylvanian state troops defending the Empire. Is Nagash worth all the attention he's getting? Or is he just a 1,000 point paperweight?