Ep17 - Selling Online

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Ecommerce is everywhere: on our computers, our tablets, our phones and, thanks to Amazon's Dash Button, even on our washing machines. It's a valuable resource but also a dangerous competitor. Personally, I've embraced the internet as a selling channel over twenty years ago but, in today's business enviroment, is a hybrid selling model the right choice for a start-up game store?

Join me, Thomas Traplin, host and producer of the Manaverse Podcast, and Gary Sproul, owner of the Haunted Games Cafe' in this round table dicussion on the basics of ecommerce for game store owners. We cover topics such as shipping, receiving, logistics, and hosting as well as giving you some industry background on the current nature of ecommerce. We also give you some good reasons why you should or why you should not deal in online commerce as a brick-n-mortar store.

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