Ep15 - the Cafe Model

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Nearly two decades ago, after several years of watching players lugging in bags of food into our shop, it dawned on me that marrying tasty food with great games and pleasant company was an excellent idea. Unfortunatley, the cold hard reality of the numbers involved never seemed to line up with my vision. Today, thanks to the growing popularity of coffe, games and the continued support of our awesome customers, that dream of opening an entertaiment cafe' is finally coming true.

To discuss the popular trend of game cafes, the Manaverse round table crew has enlisted the help of an expert on the matter: Mr. Gary Sproul, owner of the Haunted Games Cafe' in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Join me, Thomas Traplin, host and producer of the Manaverse Podcast, Wayne Mittlestaedt, owner of Dueling Grounds in Toronto, Canada and our new guest in a lively discussion on what it takes to launch a cafe'.

We'll also cover some of the unique challenges presented by mixing food with games, go over the costs involved, and outline potential pitfalls that await those embarking on such an endeavor. Listen closely and you may even hear a few spoilers on what awaits you when we open the doors to our new location this Summer.

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