Ep13 - the Future - Spoilers

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RPG RoomFor the most part, we gamers tend to be a social bunch. We like to meet and express our passion for tabletop games together. However, every once in a while, you become part of a group that meshes so well, that you simply want to spend more time with them than with anyone else. Or, from time to time, you may have a special occasion that you would like to celebrate in our shop. In any case, we know that the need for greater privacy can arise, so we're developing a series of rooms that will allow you to enjoy your raiding/questing/scouting/pillaging party in a more intimate setting. Just you, your comrades and your favorite games.

Pick one of three themed rooms for your RPG or board gaming needs or reserve the war room if you require a miniature wargaming enviroment. Even our spacious patio is at your disposal: it's perfect for larger groups or for those of us who enjoy a great view and fresh air while we play. We'll even provide you with room service so that you don't have to walk away from your game to enjoy one of our tasty snacks and beverages. Best of all, our private game rooms come with free unlimited access to our ever-growing library of rentable game titles.

Unfortunately, you're still on your own when it comes to restroom breaks.


Look in your closet or open up your latest board game acquisition. Do you see a bunch of unpainted miniatures staring back at you? Painting and modeling is a fascinating and relaxing aspect of our hobby, but the sheer volume of miniatures we acquire can make the task of painting a collection daunting. Well, much like finding a good workout buddy, we've realized that nothing motivates us to complete a project more than having someone there to support and encourage us along.

Flea MarketTo that end, we are planning and constructing a series of painting stations that will allow you to tackle that task in a friendly, encouraging and social environment. Each station will feature specialized lighting, adjustable seating, magnifying glasses and a host of holding solutions to keep your pots, brushes and water cups organized, handy, and safe from spills. Painters accessing our stations will also be able to take advantage of our extensive library of tools, paints and accessories along with expert classes to help them bring their painting skills to the next level.


Back in 2010, we came up with the idea of hosting regular flea markets in our store. Customers were encouraged to come in, set up shop for a day and work out some win-win deals that resulted in them getting rid of a closet full of rarely played games and walk out with some brand new acquisitions ready to be enjoyed. To this date, it was one of our most successful programs, both with our vendors and our customers.

Unfortunately, the success of our organized play programs meant that the flea markets ended up getting squeezed out of their prime weekend spot into a weekday slot to make room for the growing number of customers requesting a table to play on. Eventually, even that weekday spot evaporated due to the same growing organized play phenomenon.

Now, thanks to the extra space, I am happy to announce that flea markets are making a comeback and, this time, they will be scheduled on a monthly basis! If you're interested in selling in our flea markets this year, be sure to speak to one of our Wizards to reserve your vendor table today.